Collecta Deluxe Smilodon

Collecta Deluxe Smilodon


20 in stock

(4 customer reviews)

A hand-painted model of a Smilodon with a lovely spotted coat. A Collecta Smilodon model, a super model of a Sabre-Toothed Cat.

20 in stock


A fantastic model of a Smilodon (Sabre-Toothed Cat) by Collecta. A Collecta Smilodon model. A hand-painted, beautiful replica of this prehistoric cat. A Collecta Smilodon.

Additional information


smi-low-don (knife tooth)


Length 12.5 cm approx. Height of head 8 cm approx.



4 reviews for Collecta Deluxe Smilodon

  1. cepimax.13 (verified owner)

    Highly recommended and worthy piece of model! Definitely at par with the other high quality and well detailed dinosaur figures from Everything Dinosaur! Fast shipment and carefully packed with detailed history information sheet about the purchased dinosaur item! Excellent service and sure apple of the eye dinosaur store for all dinosaur collectors and enthusiasts! Hoping for some special promos 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Amy

    Thank you for the brilliant service. The courtesy email from you I thought was lovely. Items were packaged well, and arrived today. Fantastic prices, cheapest I have seen in fact. My son in an avid collector of these type of models and I will be defiantly purchasing again from Everything Dinosaur.

  3. Tony and Alex

    Nice action pose which will inspire robust play.

  4. Rhiannon

    An excellent Smilodon toy, depicting an impressive male of the species! Sculpted in a snarling, aggressive pose with fangs on full show, well painted, nicely detailed, large and robust, and sure to be a delight in any collection!

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