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Everything Dinosaur supplies dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toys, games, puzzles, models, posters and merchandise. Run by teachers, parents and knowledgeable dinosaur enthusiasts, helping to promote education and an appreciation of Earth sciences.

By providing fun, imaginative, creative and educational items around the theme of dinosaurs and other animals from pre-history, we want to inspire young people and help them develop an interest in science and the world around them.

We believe that you can learn whilst having fun!

Everything Dinosaur specialises in the supply of dinosaur and prehistoric animal related toy/hobby products and merchandise. Working in association with museums and other related educational bodies the company aims to create a market place for accurate, exciting, imaginative and educational products for young people. Favoured by parents who know that they are purchasing something that will assist with their children’s understanding of science, make learning fun and help with their education.

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A number of Everything Dinosaur’s products give you the opportunity to show us what you think about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  With the products that we supply plus all the additional information and features on our websites you can create your own models, bake dinosaur cakes and biscuits, produce drawings etc.  Customers comments and views are always welcome and if pictures (images via email), of your creations are sent to Everything Dinosaur you have the opportunity to have your work featured on the Everything Dinosaur web log.  Dinosaur fans have the chance to have their work published – just like a real scientist!

In addition, we also have our very own dinosaurs for schools site, providing lots of helpful advice as well as free resources for teachers, home educationalists and mums and dads!

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Whilst we would never publish anyone’s full details on our websites, we can at least provide dinosaur fans with the opportunity to have their work featured on a web log that is read by palaeontologists and other scientists.

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Address: Everything Dinosaur, 1 Goodwood Rise, Middlewich, Cheshire, UK, CW10 9FJ
E-mail: sales@everythingdinosaur.com
Website: www.everythingdinosaur.com
Telephone number: +44 (0) 1606 841068

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