Collecta Deluxe Daeodon

Collecta Deluxe Daeodon


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A super, hand-painted model of the Entelodont Daeodon. A Collecta 1:20 scale model of Daeodon.

5 in stock


A fabulous model of a Daeodon. A 1:20 scale Collecta Deluxe Daeodon model. A wonderful model of this amazing prehistoric animal. A Collecta Daeodon.

Additional information

Weight 240 g

Length 16 cm approx. Height of head 9.5 cm approx. 1:20 scale.




Day-oh-don (hostile or dreadful tooth)

3 reviews for Collecta Deluxe Daeodon

  1. cryptojohn2

    nice figure very large stands well good paint job well pleased

  2. JAMES (verified owner)

    When CollectA released pictures of the Daeodon I knew this was going to be amazing, but when I held it in my hands I was so happy to own it. The size ( scale) the sculpt and paint work is excellent , it is the best so far by CollectA ( surpasses the sculpts of the extant figures also this year). I want one more for my collection ! a Pair of Daeodons will be FANTASTIC get it while stocks last ..going by the past the best sculpts are retired quickly by most companies and rarely released again. Im sure getting another one. Great price at EVerything Dinosaur ( cant find a better price with shipping also) BUY it even if you not into extinct species because the Daeodon is a classic model

  3. Tony and Alex

    You won’t find a more detailed or well painted example of this fearsome beast. Great value for money, get it whilst stocks last.

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