Everything Dinosaur Resources

Here is a list of dinosaur and prehistoric animal related resources:

Our Blog
Our BlogEverything Dinosaur Blog
We thought it would be a good idea to put together a web log so that people could read more about what we do and what it is like working for Everything Dinosaur as well as providing an opportunity to discuss dinosaur and prehistoric animal related news stories and topics.
Our Dinosaurs for School Site
Our Dinosaurs for School SiteDinosaurs for School Website
For teachers, home educationalists, mums and dads, lots of useful dinosaur and fossil themed teaching resources plus free downloads.
The Dinosaur Society
The Dinosaur SocietySocieties and Clubs
The Dinosaur Society, dedicated to promoting an interest in everything that is dinosaur related.
Prehistoric Times
Prehistoric TimesSocieties and Clubs
Prehistoric Times, a magazine for dinosaur models, dinosaur artwork, fossils and news on dinosaur research.
Brandon Lennon Fossil Walks
Brandon Lennon Fossil WalksUK Fossil Walks
If you want to explore the Jurassic coast (Lyme Regis, Dorset) Brandon Lennon, with over 20 years’ experience of conducting fossil walks comes highly recommended.
Brandon Lennon's Fossil Shop
Brandon Lennon's Fossil ShopPurchase UK Fossils
We get asked about places where you can purchase fossils, here is a link to Brandon Lennon’s Lyme Regis based fossil shop.
Dr. Mark Witton
Dr. Mark WittonMark Witton Website
The website of Mark Witton – palaeontological art and consultancy.
John Sibbick Dinosaur Illustrations
John Sibbick Dinosaur IllustrationsDinosaur Illustrators
A website that highlights the artwork of the British artist John Sibbick.
Todd Marshall Artwork
Todd Marshall ArtworkDinosaur Illustrators
Todd Marshall paleo-illustrations and paleo-art.
paleocreations.comThe Official Website of Robert Nicholls
The official website of natural history artist Robert Nicholls.
Artist Fabio Pastori
Artist Fabio PastoriDinosaur Illustrators
Talented palaeoartist and dinosaur illustrator Fabio Pastori.
Just Parents
Just ParentsParents and Parenting Sites
Just Parents is a British based parent and parenting community website providing advice, help, parenting tools and resources.
History of Dinosaurs
History of DinosaursA History of Dinosaurs
Rare resource.com have a rich cache of dinosaur information, from Abelisaurus to Zuniceratops, complete skeletons of dinosaurs which have become a part of world culture, and have remained consistently popular, especially among children.
Dr Dean Lomax
Dr Dean LomaxBritish Palaeontologist Dr Dean Lomax
The official website of Dr Dean Lomax British palaeontologist. Follow his exciting adventures!