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Papo Running T. rex Model (Green)


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A hand-painted, museum quality replica of a ferocious, running T. rex. Jaw is articulated so model can be posed with open or closed mouth. A Papo T. rex

3 in stock

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A museum quality replica of a running T. rex. A Papo running T.rex. A wonderful replica of a fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex with articulated jaws.  A Papo running T. rex dinosaur model.

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Weight 465 g



Length 33 cm, Head height 13 cm


tie-ran-oh-sore-us (tyrant lizard king) tie-ran-oh-sore-us (tyrant lizard king)

19 reviews for Papo Running T. rex Model (Green)

  1. David (verified owner)

    Speedy, friendly service from Everything Dinosaur.

    The model itself is study and stands well, if not 100% paleontologically accurate, it none the less has a convicing and menacing presence! One minor criticism is that the moulding seams on this model are slightly more prominent than the other Papo dinosaurs.

  2. TheSpinoRex

    This is a masterpiece. Everyone needs this model in their life, go get it now! This is very good because it’s not too overdone, it’s perfect.

  3. Rick

    I love this model, all of the details are exquisite. I believe it is an adult female as its ingrown teeth and battered head, as well as its size lead me to believe that. I got this for my 11 birthday last year and put it on my shelf straight away! I’m expecting the Baryonyx in two days.

  4. Ray (verified owner)

    Everything about this model excited me. As soon as it arrive from Everything Dinosaur i immediately notices how long it was…then the whopping jaws and teeth. whats more it stood up quite steadily. I love this T TREX i think the best on the market. No dinosaur collector would deny their love for this beauty

  5. pablo (verified owner)

    un perfecto modelo del tiranosaurio creo que esta basado en el trex que aparece en la pelicula de king kong, aca tengo que hacer una critica ya que sobre ciertas superficies mi modelo de running trex no logra mantenerse parado, y sobre otros mas rugosos si lo logra, osea tiene problemas de estabilidad, no se si sea mi caso el unico, mas alla de eso el modelo es excelente, saludos

    a perfect model of Tyrannosaurus I think it is based on the trex appearing in the movie King Kong , here I have to do a critique as on certain surfaces my model running trex unable to stay upright , and other more rough if he does , I mean you have stability problems if it’s not my case only , beyond that the model is excellent , Greetings

  6. leo

    wow awesome thankyou and excellent packaged

  7. atticus

    just as described and beautifully packed – thank you

  8. macstu

    Everybody needs a T. Rex in their life! Many thanks for mine.

  9. Will (verified owner)

    best rex ever

  10. Will (verified owner)

    this is the best replica of a t-rex I have ever seen 9/10

  11. Jurassic Park boy (verified owner)

    Even though I have not yet gotten my figue in the mail I have seen 12 pictures and have seen 9 reviews on this product and I have to say, PaPo has outdone themselves once again! if i where to give it a rating i would give it a 9 out of 10. the reason i took away that one point is because the teeth on the lower jaw look like the T-rex from King Kong (2005). Other than that, this figure is the best replica of i T-rex I have ever seen. PaPo has out done themselves once again!

  12. gennaro (verified owner)

    So far this is Papo’s masterpiece, even better then Allosaur, which at that time I tought it was Papo’s masterpiece…If you don’t wanna spend hundreds this is the best you can get. Just amazing!

  13. Michael (verified owner)

    3th dinosaurus bought, really really happyyyyy.ON TO THE NEXT

  14. Matthew

    When I opened my package on Christmas day 2012, my jaw dropped. I finally had in my possesion the Papo Running T-Rex! It is amazingly detailed, from the jaw to the tail. The jaw is articulated, providing a genuine sense of terror and horror in its face. From the other models I got at xmas (Wild Safari Vagaceratops, Dracorex and Bullyland Feathered Velociraptor), this one tops them all. It may not be scientifically accurate, but who cares. Its an incredible model to have. It really displays the terror and ferocity that was the greatest predator that ever walked the earth.

  15. Allo

    This t. rex is awsome! Its teeth are great! It is accurate as far as I know except for its arms. I highly recommend it.

  16. JinChang

    It is really a wonderful experience to buy dinosaur models from everything dinosaur!

  17. hermesonline

    finally after a long wait, I got my running t-rex, it is absolutely amazing and wonderful in its hunting pose and skin detail, although someone could not appreciate the rough teeth it has, but to me, it is another good style to fully describe this rough reptile’s life in historical time, to all, this new papo figure is an excellent model for dinosaur fans.

  18. Pradeep (verified owner)

    The level of detail is truly amazing and the nice skin texture makes the model seem very realistic. Even its pose looks impressive which I really like more than the earlier one. Not forgetting the paint work which is remarkable as well, although I would have liked for the stripes on the tail to be a bit more dark and visible. However I must say overall it looks far better than the previous 2005 version and that being said, I think it would be great if Papo did a similar running pose version of the 2005 Velociraptor model as well. Also I was very pleased with the excellent customer service that was provided which was fast and friendly. Thanks Mike, you were really helpful. My final opinion is that this model is truly awesome and I would highly recommend it as well as Everything Dinosaur which I think is a totally cool website.


  19. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    Papo have excelled themselves with this updated and superbly imagined model of their T-Rex, which truly brings the animal alive, and is leagues ahead of any other model available. Every menacing detail, from the pose, to the scales and folds of the skin, to the battle-scarred jaws and teeth gives a fantastic approximation of how truly awesome this animal must have been in life. Papo models really set a very high standard. I highly recommend this model as an addition to any collection, and it is the only other model I’ve yet found that can rival Papo’s own excellent Allosaurus in terms of realism!

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