Papo Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

Papo Velociraptor Dinosaur Model


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A hand-painted, museum quality model of the fierce dinosaur Velociraptor, complete articulated jaws.

A Velociraptor model from Papo of France complete with moving jaws.

5 in stock

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A super, hand-painted model of the fearsome dinosaur Velociraptor, complete with articulated jaws. A museum quality model, great for creative, imaginative play.  A Papo Velociraptor dinosaur model.

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Weight 75 g



Length 18 cm


vel-oh-see-rap-tor (speedy bird of prey)

7 reviews for Papo Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

  1. Jurassic James (verified owner)

    Very similar paint scheme to the JP3 male raptors but I bought to form a pack with the two other colour variants produced by papo to form a pack seen more in JW so kine is a female! Doesn’t match promo images all thag well but still a lovely figure and excellent sculpt.

  2. E Champion (verified owner)

    Been watching the jurassic park/world movies last few weeks. Jurassic world is on now! To be honest i forgot how brillant the raptors are.Every time i watch the films i always say im going to buy a raptor and i finally have! The model is spot on the detail is first class. The model is smaller than i expected but is still worth the money.Personally i always thought the dromeosaurs are a bit over rated as apex predators.They like the flip side to the tyrannosaurs.One being all claws and the other all jaws. Saying that because their human sized predators they are more lethal to humans in the films. First class service from everything dinosaur.

  3. Will

    this is the best raptor toy thay papo has made. it looks like the male raptors from Jurassic Park 3

  4. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    I’m over the moon with this model, it has so much character! The pose and expression are beautifully done, it looks bright and alert and bird-like, most befitting! It’s almost exactly like the raptors depicted in the JP franchise and though research has moved on in the few short years since that was released you’ll not find a better raptor model. Papo have exceeded themselves again in their ability to depict their models as living characters!

  5. Megalosaurus

    The sculpt is based on Jurassic Park movie raptors. Beautifuly scaly and detailed. Posture is pasive. The movable jaw adds extra value to the figure. The teeth are well defined and painted.
    The colors are not exciting, but acceptable. I believe the colors of the first versión were much better. The paintwork is good, but my figure has two brown stains product of human error.
    The Conclusion: A very nice Jurassic Park like raptor.

  6. Anthony

    Perfect customer service as always. Perhaps more model construction kits, injection plastic and resin models?

  7. Sara

    Handsome little guy, bought this with a few of the bigger predators. Lovely spot detail on the back and the jaw opens like the bigger models which this picture doesn’t show.

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