Papo Young Apatosaurus Model

Papo Young Apatosaurus Model


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A hand-painted, wonderful model of a Young Apatosaurus dinosaur by Papo. A Papo Young Apatosaurus dinosaur model. The Papo Young Apatosaurus dinosaur model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Apatosaurus fact sheet.

5 in stock

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A beautiful model of a Young Apatosaurus dinosaur by Papo. A hand-painted, wonderful model of a long-necked dinosaur that used to be known as Brontosaurus. A Papo Young Apatosaurus model.

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Weight 465 g



Length 41 cm approx. Height of head 14 cm


ah-PAT-oh-sore-us (deceptive lizard)

7 reviews for Papo Young Apatosaurus Model

  1. Izhak Evenor

    The Papo young Apatosaurus is one of the most impressive Apatosaurus (and sauropods in general) model I’ve ever seen and it almost rivals the full-size Sideshow Collectibles desktop statue. It is very accurate with high details and really conveys the bulk of Apatosaurus (the muscles, the thick neck, the long tail). It is of the highest quality and I like it very much. I hope Papo will make a full adult Apatosaurus figure to complement this one, and it would be all but perfect. The largest grown up Apatosaurus may reached length of 27-30 meters and weighed as much as 32-72 metric tons (ref: Dr. Matthew Wedel). Overall: highly recommended.

  2. David (verified owner)

    I generally agree with the reviews above, this detailed and distinctive model from Papo will compliment and add life to your dinosaur model collection! Speedy service from Everything Dinosaur and the accompanying fact sheet, an added bonus, is always appreciated!

  3. Olly (verified owner)

    This model of Apatosaurus is the best I have seen.
    It is a reasonable size for a sub-adult, it’s pretty long at 44cm. The most accurate papo model. Everything Dinosaur, great as always. It arrived the next day!

  4. Roger (verified owner)

    Some great reviews here so not much to add except if you are a sauropod fan this is a must. I hope they decide to bring out an adult next year.

    Again a fast and helpful service from ED. Thank you.

  5. Kev (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say how thoroughly impressed I’ve been with all the orders I’ve had from you at ‘everything dinosaur’.

    The quality and efficiency of the service you provide has astounded me; speed of dispatch, communication, standard of packaging, price and the quality of the products you sell never fails to impress me.

    I’ve just received a Papo Young Apatosaurus, it’s brilliantly sculpted and beautifully decorated – I know my little boy will be delighted with it. In fact, all of the dinosaurs we have bought from you have already been much loved… our little girl (only 1) has even begun to emulate her big brother by carrying dinosaurs about the house.

    When I inevitably need more dinosaurs, I know where to come!

  6. Rhiannon

    Papo have a great knack for making their models appear as though they’ve been sculpted from life! This is a very majestic depiction of Apatosaurus, and by eye it looks quite close to actual anatomical proportions. It’s very much a Greg Paul inspired depiction, but that’s not a bad thing. The pose is simply beautiful; the fine twist of the whiplash tail is full of life, the twist of the neck appears realistic and within the probable limits of its rang of motion; the movement in the legs is subtle, but suggests a creature in motion. The detail is very fine, there are even ridges on the palate of the tiny mouth, wrinkles on the soles of the feet and the dark brown eyes are coated with a lustrous gloss that gives them a spark of life. The colour scheme of browns is realistic and beautifully applied. Like all Papo models, this is a minor work of art and all those involved in its production ought to be highly commended!

  7. peter (verified owner)

    An amazing model Papo really have done a fantastic job here, its accurate, detailed and the paint job if perfect. they’ve obviously done their research and I would love them now to do an adult, this one is obviously a sub adult not a baby one.
    Everything dinosaurs service exceptional as usual

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