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Papo Oviraptor Dinosaur Model


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A hand-painted, museum quality model of an Oviraptor dinosaur complete with dinosaur egg, a superb model for creative play. An Oviraptor model from Papo of France

2 in stock

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A super, hand-painted model of the bizarre dinosaur Oviraptor, complete with egg that it has perhaps stolen from the nest of another dinosaur. A museum quality model, great for creative, imaginative play.  A Papo Oviraptor dinosaur model.

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Weight 50 g



Length 12 cm, Height 9 cm


oh-vee-rap-tor (egg thief)

6 reviews for Papo Oviraptor Dinosaur Model

  1. Andrés (verified owner)

    Bonito y bien embalado

    • mike

      Gracias por sus amables palabras.

  2. Philip

    It’s a lovely model, very nicely detailed and much bigger than I expected, it also came with a fact sheet. This is my first order from everything dinosaur, and it smashed my expectations, it’s in perfect condition and was very well packed. It’s a bargain even with postage included!

  3. regano

    I have this dinosaur and the detail is amazing!!! I could not believe I could get a model like this at such a cheap price

  4. funky_obali (verified owner)

    For the reptilian version’s lovers. No feathers or bright colors, only amazing details and painting (especially around the eyes).

  5. Prehistoric Times

    Papo of France offered a few surprises as new models. This Oviraptor is done in great detail reminding me of the Tyco Dino Rider Struthiomimus. Obviously, a great deal of work went into the design.

  6. Owen

    I had collected a number of Oviraptor models in the past, this is an interesting figure, not feathered like other models but with fine detail. Great paint work, and I really like the egg in the claws of this animal.

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