Olorotitan Dinosaur

Olorotitan Dinosaur


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A hand-painted, model of the dinosaur Olorotitan. A duck-billed dinosaur, whose name means “Giant Swan”. Model is supplied with fact sheet from the experts at Everything Dinosaur.

Great for imaginative, creative play. Part of the CollectA Prehistoric Life model collection.

Out of stock

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A highly detailed, hand-painted model of the duck-billed dinosaur Olorotitan. Part of the CollectA Prehistoric Life model series.  The CollectA Olorotitan dinosaur model.

This model is supplied with an Olorotitan fact sheet written and produced by the dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur. A super quality Olorotitan dinosaur model from the CollectA Prehistoric Life model range.

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oh-low-row-ti-tan (giant swan)

6 reviews for Olorotitan Dinosaur

  1. Elizabeth

    It’s a nicely done model. The colours aren’t vibrant, but I really like the horizontal scheme of dark brown, russet, and then dark brown leaching to white. It’s that bit different from my other models. Also very pleasing to have a more unusual and less familiar dinosaur available.

  2. Olly (verified owner)

    This CollectA Olorotitan model is quite small, but is a charming model. The model detail is great and the colours look good considering that Olorotitan means “gigantic swan”. Everything Dinosaur is a great company with unbeatable prices and speedy deliveries.

  3. Megalosaurus

    This is a tiny model. The sculpt quality is regular. the skin is not clearly scaly, but with many lines, folds and wrinkles.
    The colors used are not exciting at all. Paintwork is good in the brown & orange colors, but so bad in the white sides.
    The conclusion: A standard piece. I hope CollectA made a Deluxe edition with much more quality.

  4. ITewan

    An excellent model with exciting and realistic colour choices. Goes well in my collection. I love the fact sheet and personal emails. Excellent service. A very different Lambeosaur from Russia!

  5. William & Patrick’s mum (verified owner)

    A highly detailed model with extremely informative fast sheet! Can’t wait to see my twins faces when they open their presents on their birthday!!! Am so pleased William found your website while googling for dinosaurs. Many thanks for the speedy delivery & superb service! We will certainly be back for more.

  6. funky_obali

    Nice addition to the hadrosauridae family with this graceful little fellow. For those who are tired with the tyrannosaurus or triceratops and want some original figures with a smart choice of colors.

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