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Styracosaurus (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)


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A hand-painted model of the horned dinosaur Styracosaurus. A superb, hand-painted model of the horned dinosaur Styracosaurus.

Great for imaginative, creative play. The CollectA prehistoric life Styracosaurus dinosaur model.

3 in stock

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The CollectA Styracosaurus dinosaur model. A superb, hand-painted and highly detailed model of the horned dinosaur Styracosaurus. A horned dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous.  The CollectA prehistoric life Styracosaurus dinosaur model. The Styracosaurus is supplied with a fact sheet researched and written by the dinosaur experts at Everything Dinosaur.

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Weight 85 g

sty-RACK-oh-sore-us (spiked lizard)


Length 14 cm



4 reviews for Styracosaurus (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)

  1. rocker

    I have one of these in my collection, one the best but compared to other dinosaur models of this type it’s a bit under scale, I’ve told Collecta that, and if they do a larger version then I’d replace the small one, but it’s one thing it’s the meanest hard looking little Styracosaurus out there only if it was bigger….

  2. Megalosaurus (verified owner)

    This figure has a good scaly texture with a lot of skin folds.
    It’s pose reminds me a scared animal going backguards.
    Paintwork is not good, just acceptable. It’s like two chocolate tones, a darker one for the base, and a lighter one for the highlights. Also it has pink spots in the back and red eyes. The inside of the mouth is unpainted. My particular figure has two unpleasant yellow paint stains.
    The conclusion: I recommend this figure for the pose and texture. Paintwork is not the better, but certainly nice. Is one of my favorites of the non-deluxe CollectA dinosaurs.

  3. Steve

    If you ever struggle to find a specific dinosaur anywhere then look no further than Everything Dinosaur…I guarantee this guys will have it. Not only does my 4 year old son love the dinosaurs from here but I do too. What is so amazing about the dinosaurs is the level of detail on each model, the quality of work put in for each model is faultless.
    You combine this with the BEST customer service then this is a winning team.
    Everything Dinosaur are the Kings of dinosaur products/websites/customer service.
    Always a pleasure doing business with them.

  4. Rudolph (verified owner)

    Our 3-year old Swedish grandson collects dinosaurs and knows everything about them (almost). So we were very worried when he asked us the “multihorn” dinosaur (Styracosaurus for insiders) for his birthday and for his ever growing collection. We searched in Sweden but to no effect. After returning to the UK we found via Google your website. The ordering was easy and the service was fast and the personal touch is much appreciated. The model is very nice and I am sure it will be treasured by our grandson. Now we will never run out of ideas what to give him…. that is as long he remains interested. Thank you very much!

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