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Velociraptor Model (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)


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A highly detailed, hand-painted model of a fierce, speedy Velociraptor. Model is supplied with Velociraptor fact sheet written by our dinosaur experts.

Great for creative, imaginative play. The CollectA prehistoric life Velociraptor dinosaur model.

3 in stock

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The CollectA Velociraptor dinosaur model. A hand-painted model of Velociraptor. Model is supplied with Velociraptor fact sheet written by the experts at Everything Dinosaur.  The CollectA prehistoric life Velociraptor dinosaur model.

Additional information

Weight 30 g



vel-oh-see-rap-tor (speedy bird of prey)


Length 11 cm

3 reviews for Velociraptor Model (CollectA The Age of Dinosaurs)

  1. Ray

    A brilliant little Procon Velociraptor. Its is both small and cute and fierce all in one. Looks great displayed .

  2. Tyrannodus

    So cute and cool;love this model so much!!! He’s quite small; slightly longer than the Natural History Museum kentrosaurus, but taller (ish) than the Schleich triceratops (the old grey & red one). He is such a nice addition to my CollectA collection!

  3. Dan, Dan, the dino fan (verified owner)

    Velociraptor! Isn’t that just a marvelous name? For me the word instantly conjures up a vision of swift running scalie, or should that be feathery now? bodies, nimble gripping fingers, vicious slashing claws! All this and more comes vividly to life in this excelent little model from Procon/collecta.
    This fierce little fellow stands approximately 3 inches high, a fitting size I think for one of the smaller dinosaurs. Some may prefer a larger model, such as the schleich model, with it’s articulated jaws, but I think this size is very nice, particularly as your larger dinosaur models don’t have to be as tall as you are to be in scale. According to my girlfriend Laura, who is my eyes since mine are non-working, he is very lifelike to look at, with excelent colours.
    He stands upright on his hind legs, I think he is running, or perhaps crouching to jump. His knees are well bent, the right one more than the left, the killing claw on that foot almost touches his calf just below the knee. Both heels are well off the ground, and the killing claws are retracted, tips held high. His tail slopes down, the end touching the ground to give him balance, bending slightly to the left about half way down, and the very tip of the tail is raised a little and points slightly right. His small body is parallel with the ground. His left arm is held downwards, almost touching his knee, but the elbow joint is bent right up to the shoulder. The right arm is held further out, not straight, with the elbow also bent up, raising his right hand higher than his left, level with his neck. The three fingers of the left hand are curled around in a grip that looks as though he’s not planning to let go in a hurry, and the fingers of the right hand are stretched out, the whole of that arm giving the impression that he’s reaching for something. His head is raised high on his long neck, pointing straight forward, and his mouth is agape revealing many little teeth.
    Despite it’s small size, I can’t emphasize too strongly the detail on this model. Everything is wonderfully well defined. The shape of the body, the sharp ridge along the back, the carriage of the head, and the sharp, pointed snout give this model a unique feel, and gives me a strong sense of the speed and agility this animal must have had. The different textures of scales, and claws make this model feel very lifelike. I can easily feel where such small things as the eyes are, all the claws, killing claws, the other toe claws and the claws on the heels and fingers are very clear and sharp. Not dangerously sharp, but they just somehow feel sharp, you’re in no doubt that they’re claws. The teeth also possess this quality, and I can even feel the tongue in his mouth.
    This model is made of quite a hard plastic, perhaps this is not for the smaller children, and he might eventually be damaged if played with too roughly or kept in a box with larger models, somehow the smaller ones always seem to end up at the bottom, and inevitably bits get crushed. However for an older child wanting something really lifelike, or for a collector of dinosaur models, this is absolutely ideal.
    I can honestly say that sometimes, holding it in my hand, I have a slightly creepy feeling that he’s going to suddenly jump off my hand and scurry away, possibly taking my little finger with him for supper. That really is how lifelike he feels to me. This truely is an A1 5 star dinosaur toy.

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