Wild Safari Prehistoric World Feathered T. rex

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Feathered T. rex


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A Wild Safari Prehistoric World Feathered T. rex dinosaur model.  A beautiful model of a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex. The Wild Safari Prehistoric World T. rex model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur T. rex fact sheet.

3 in stock


A hand-painted replica of a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex.  A Wild Safari Prehistoric World feathered T. rex dinosaur model.

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4 reviews for Wild Safari Prehistoric World Feathered T. rex

  1. ED (verified owner)

    I have been meaning to get this one for ages. Now i have it as a xmas present. Is this the most accurate T REX model around? I do think it is.Its almost got the old fashion pose i remember as a kid. I do like it, sometimes T REX looks to horizontal in some drawings.At first rexy did look a bit fat but its just the feathers. So if you can imagine it without the feathers it would be a lean, mean killing machine.So MR TREX is still a cross between a great white shark and an eagle but just add feathers. A lot of feathers!

  2. Shanice De Bie (verified owner)

    I adore this figurine, been trying to get my hands on it for so long, when I saw it here it was out of stock. But the moment it was in I immediately got it! It’s such a beautiful figurine <3 A must for any tyrant collector of rexes out there! The sculpt is gorgeous, and I just love my rexes fluffy.

  3. James Roach (verified owner)

    Excellent Model of a scientifically accurate T rex, Great sculpt. The foot on mine is a little
    wonky but he still stands OK. 9.5/10

  4. Rhiannon

    Sculptor Doug Watson has thoroughly consulted modern scientific literature on the “Tyrant King” to create this defining model. Whilst the reality of soft tissue extent and integumentary coverage in Tyrannosaurus rex is long lost in the depths of time, this model is anatomically precise, and is a very feasible reconstruction based on the forensic modern approach to dinosaur research. There is nothing “fluffy” or soft about this reconstruction. It is perfectly realised as THE alpha predator stem bird! Exceptional. No collector should be without one! A definitive model T. rex.

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