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Prehistoric Crocodiles Toob (Tube)


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Nine super models of prehistoric crocodiles. Great models of these ancient prehistoric crocodiles. A prehistoric crocodiles toob from Safari, a set of nine different crocodiles.

1 in stock


A set of nine, colourful models of prehistoric crocodiles from Safari. The Safari Prehistoric Crocodiles Toob, featuring nine different models of extinct prehistoric crocodiles such as Sarcosuchus, Champsosaurus, Euparkeria and Desmatosuchus.

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Weight 175 g



Average Model Size: 9 cm


Nine prehistoric crocodile models.

2 reviews for Prehistoric Crocodiles Toob (Tube)

  1. Jake a rex

    AMAZING!!!! safari are producing amazing models, a prehistoric insect tube would make me happy.

  2. Heather

    Great service and a great range of products!. This is the second time I’ve bought stuff from my son who is dinosaur mad. I will certainly order again.

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