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Wild Safari Coelacanth Model


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A hand-painted, museum quality model of the living fossil Coelacanth. A beautiful model of a Coelacanth a very strange prehistoric lobe-finned fish. From the palaeontologists that brought you the Carnegie Dinosaur Collection.

2 in stock


A hand-painted model of the Coelacanth, a “living fossil”. A super model of this prehistoric, lobe-finned fish. A Coelacanth, a type of fish that has not changed in 300 million years. Part of the Wild Safari Dinos model collection. The Wild Safari Coelacanth model.

Additional information

Weight 96 g



See-la-canth (Hollow spine)


Length 16 cm

5 reviews for Wild Safari Coelacanth Model

  1. Bobfoss

    A lovely little figure that, after having seen Internet entries about living examples of the type, has a very ‘life-like’ colouration and appearance.

  2. dinocleb

    brilliant model of the colelacanth, a fish thet lived with the dinosaurs and is still living today. amazing model.

  3. Alex (verified owner)

    Usually dinosaurs get all the press. But I’m always looking for the most obscure animals out there. I’ve always wanted a Coelacanth model, it being living fossil and all, and this model is the best I’ve seen. I was surprised at how good it looks person. Much better than the images. The colors and the details are really good.

  4. Luke

    Excellent service and a great model. Good to see a company trying to educate as well as entertain.

  5. Fred, Holland

    Beautiful model, even with the blue eyes as in reality! I placed it at once on my aquarium as an example for my mudminnows. Quite fast delivery and careful packaging, too!

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