Rebor Acrocanthosaurus atokensis (Hercules)

Rebor Acrocanthosaurus atokensis (Hercules)


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An amazing 1:35 scale replica of the ferocious Acrocanthosaurus by Rebor. A Rebor 1:35 scale Acrocanthosaurus replica. A superb edition to the Rebor model collection an Acrocanthosaurus atokensis.

Out of stock


A beautiful model of the Cretaceous predator Acrocanthosaurus by Rebor. “Hercules” has an articulated lower jaw and is made from a composite of PVC and polystone. Rebor Acrocanthosaurus comes with a replica Tenontosaurus carcase that can be detached from the figure. A wonderful collector’s piece a super replica of Acrocanthosaurus atokensis.

Additional information

Weight 1150 g

14+ (A display piece, not a dinosaur toy)


Length 31 cm approx. Height of main spine when on base 15 cm approx.


Ak-row-can-tho-sore-us (high-spined lizard)

11 reviews for Rebor Acrocanthosaurus atokensis (Hercules)

  1. tomjuchau52

    Brilliant piece, the carcass fits perfectly in his jaws! And he has no standing issues, which is sometimes an issue with rebor, but not this time! He can stand with no trouble at all. Lucky I got him before they ran out. One of my first models from everything dinosaur, and worth all of the £45 I bought him for. Does chip easily though, so it is one to be careful with!

  2. Annelie Rask

    Incredible service! Had some questions and got help immediately when ordering this beauty! Top class service and a fast shipping! Absolutely an amazing Acrocanthosaurus to add to the collection! Can’t wait to buy more from Everything Dinosaur, I will return soon!

  3. kerrygeoghegan (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the fast delivery. The dinosaur arrived really well packaged and the inner box is really well presented. A bonus was a fact sheet which I know my son will enjoy reading. The dinosaur is detailed and worth the money.

  4. Sophie

    This figure is absolutely beautiful and menacing all in one. It scales up nicely to other dinosaur brands, and the Acrocanthosaurus can balance with or without his base, so posing options are endless! Unfortunately my figures jaw doesn’t open wide enough to hold the Tenontosaurus head, I’m not sure if others faced the same problem, however the head looks great in any articulated figures jaws (especially the running T rex by Papo). Thanks Everything Dinosaur for the amazing service!

  5. Bela

    Absolutely superb! Well, what could I say? Ordering on 13th December, getting it today – 3-week delivery, nothing to complain about. Thank you, Everything Dinosaur, it was pleasure to make business with you, we’ll be seeing each other on monitors in the future. ;)

    Also, fantastic model! Astonishing details, beautiful sculpture, nice paint job and colours. Worth every coin. Really looking forward to the several herbivores promised on Facebook, as well!

  6. Paleo Paul.

    Just purchased this recently and WOW! WOW! WOW!. Breathtaking work by Rebor. Cant find a single negative about this model. Detail awsome. Accuracy brilliant. Paint and finish stunning. Spent the first five days just stairing at it. Model comes with prey item accessory which can be placed in its jaws or at its feet for maximum effect. The eyes of the Acrocanthosaurus have very cleverly depicted without pupil in a transluscent gold colour and this works extremely well as you can imagine the Acro stealthily stalking its prey at dusk or during moonlight hours. The Rebor range has all the quality of the super detailed polystone replicas sometimes seen for sale without the megabucks price tag! I can honestly see these super figurines increasing in value as they become more sought after! Cant wait to see what Rebor bring ot next. Would love an Allosaurus , Stegosaurus combination. You owe it to yourself to get one of these. Also an absolute pleasure to deal with the team at Everything Dinosaur, They just make the whole ordering process so easy.

  7. Johnny (verified owner)

    Acrocanthosaurus is a great thing all over. certainly jaw joints. and dorsal very beautiful. you can watch it all day on the desk or bedroom. You can not take your eyes off it. thank you Everything Dinosaur. I look forward to the great future orders.

  8. Carl (verified owner)

    A big beauty of a beast! I love the colour scheme. The best Acrocanthosaur on the market by far. Adding the torn prey that fits neatly into the jaws of Acro is a masterstroke! It`s a beautiful sculpt in itself! The Acro is becoming one of my favourite dino`s because of the sheer realism in this sculpt. Well done Rebor, and especially for putting the clear plastic between the legs to stop warping issues. Thanks to Everything Dinosaur for sending both this and my Ceratosaurus on Saturday and receiving them on Monday! Brilliant.

  9. Cat (verified owner)

    Amazing detail, it looks awesome. This is the first Rebor model I’ve bought and I’m definitely coming back for more! EverythingDinosaur were great and dispatched it the same day, thank you!

  10. Daniel

    The Rebor models are highly impressive and, as Rhiannon also states in her review, they are worth every penny. Hercules is the best so far in my opinion.

  11. Rhiannon

    Worth every penny. The detail is utterly phenomenal. This is an extraordinary piece and Rebor have really done themselves proud! I especially love the coarse scales on Hercules himself, they’re very tactile. For sheer presence on a shelf, this for me beats even Rebor’s own King T. rex!

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