Rebor 1:6 Scale Compsognathus (Sentry)

Rebor 1:6 Scale Compsognathus (Sentry)


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A wonderful, museum quality model of the dinosaur Compsognathus by Rebor. The Rebor 1:6 scale Compsognathus (Sentry) complete with dragonfly model. The Rebor Sentry Compsognathus has an articulated lower jaw.

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A beautiful Rebor Compsognathus dinosaur model (Sentry). A 1:6 scale Compsognathus replica by Rebor, complete with a dragonfly model for your dinosaur to chase (Protolindenia). The Rebor Sentry Compsognathus has an articulated lower jaw.

Additional information

Weight 70 g

14+ (A display piece, not a toy)


Height of head 9 cm approx. Length of model 15 cm approx.


Komp-sog-nay-thus (Elegant jaw)

6 reviews for Rebor 1:6 Scale Compsognathus (Sentry)

  1. tomjuchau52

    Brought this a few years ago from everything dinosaur, and wow, for the price of 13.99 you cannot find a better bargain! This model is extremely detailed and accurate, he is very brittle looking, but can certainly handle far more rough and tumble than he looks like he can handle (Mainly at the bottom of a box for a year when I was moving house) but he has fared without even a scratch, he actually has not faltered at all, sadly the dragonfly is far less durable, which is expected when you see the wings. I am thinking of getting another in fact! The compsothugnathus itself is very hardy, and has not got a scratch on it, more robust than some of my larger rebor models, I might have just got lucky, but I dont think so, as the other reviews are evidence for the contrary.

  2. compy15 (verified owner)

    Delivery was great – wasn’t expecting it to be so fast due to COVID yet my order arrived within a few days. The compsognathus and dragonfly models are lovely (beautiful detail on the dragonfly wings in particular). They are quite light and delicate in comparison to other larger models, so make sure to keep them displayed safely.

  3. Annelie Rask (verified owner)

    Great details and so beautiful. Surprised how well made the dragonfly was as well! A cute little scenery !

  4. danielse (verified owner)

    The dragonfly is also realistiс. Very nice that Rebor makes not only the models but real scenes from life.

  5. Mek

    It is very good.

  6. David

    Everything Dinosaur is the best dinosaur seller!

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