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REBOR Tyrannosaurus rex (KING T-REX) Dinosaur Model


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A fantastic 1:35 scale model of Tyrannosaurus rex (KING T-REX). A wonderful addition to the Rebor prehistoric animal model collection

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A wonderful 1:35 scale model of Tyrannosaurus rex by Rebor. A fantastic T. rex for dinosaur model collectors. Rebor T. rex (KING T-REX) has an articulated lower jaw and this dinosaur has been moulded as a single piece using advanced modelling techniques, hence no seams on the figure so all the details, based on the latest research, can be seen. Model can be displayed standing on presentation rock that is supplied. A perfect display piece for a dinosaur enthusiast of model collector.

Part of the Rebor collection of prehistoric animal replicas.

Additional information

Weight 1380 g

14+ (A display piece, not a dinosaur toy)


Length 36.8 cm, Height of head 17.5 cm, Height of rock stand 4 cm (1:35 scale)


tie-ran-oh-sore-us (tyrant lizard king)

15 reviews for REBOR Tyrannosaurus rex (KING T-REX) Dinosaur Model

  1. Rachel Warwick (verified owner)

    Stunning! This was a gift for my husband for Yule and everything about it is exactly as I’d hoped.

    This model is so detailed that you can feel every little nobble and skin bump. It has been lovingly painted and even the eyes are spot on. Sometimes with models you see sloppy small details, but this is clearly a loved piece.

    Despite lack of pins and going for a more Jurassic Park style, this is definitely a statue that has pride of place on our shelf. You made two dino lovers very happy, even though it was a gift for one of them.

    (Oh, thank you so much for your very thorough customer service regarding my order as well, it was very much appreciated.)

  2. Gaston (verified owner)

    This model was a great adquisition… The details are amazing and the materials are so good and cool… It is a great piece of art and it worths!!!

  3. Wolf_Pup

    If your a hardcore dino lover you need this model reboot make great models and if you get this one and the fallen queen it is an amazing scene. If your still not sure on buying this model check out the full detailed review on the jurassic collectables youtube channel it will make you buy it.

  4. Rippermancz

    Not much to add to reviews that are already here. This statue is just perfect. The model, colours, position. Fallen queen is a must! Simply perfect!

  5. AP

    The Rebor King T-Rex is truly an amazing figure. What strikes the most in my opinion is it’s dynamic pose, especially if paired with the Fallen Queen base from Rebor – as I have it. The dynamic pose takes this figure to a whole new level with respect to other similar models from various manufacturers. The paint job and the sculpt are also worth noting. Another feature that distinguishes this figure is that it is to scale – 1:35. Adding a scale factor to it’s line of dinosaurs is something that I applaud Rebor for doing, as by doing so it gives more scientific value to it’s figures. Hard to find any flaws in the model at all, but if I had to be picky, I would have preferred to have pegs on the figure’s feet and base in order to have it more stable, but as for the rest, it’s a collector’s must buy.

    On a side note, a quick remark for the Everything Dinosaur team = Excellent service, great customer support and really a joy dealing with them. 10/10 A+

  6. Daniel

    All I can say is that this is a collectors must have. I compared this to my running t rex from Papo, which I thought was the pinnacle of models, dinosauria from sideshow type models aside, but I was wrong. The King T Rex is stunning in every detail and the piece is scaled to perfection. Every Rebor model that I have bought so far has delivered about expectation.

  7. Jayosaurus

    RAWWWWWWWWR AWESOME! Will shop again 🙂

  8. Marty

    Brilliant model, brilliant packaging – and a fact sheet! Cheers.

  9. Henry

    I just love the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex (KING T.REX)!

  10. Carl

    Not much more i can add to the above reviews. A highly detailed model and finished off with a professional paint job. This is the best looking TRex in my collection. I got around the precarious balance of Rexy by mounting the foot atop the Procon/Collecta Triceratops prey,(which incidentally is just the right height). It looks like a juvenile or baby Trike compared with the Rex. By using a small dia. drill bit to carefully drill a short way into the underside of his foot, leaving enough room as to not come through the top! and a fair way into the Trike, then pinning using stainless rod, he`s now ultra stable. and WOW! looks incredible with the Triceratops! They look like they were meant to be together and are now the proud centrepeice of my collection.
    Another great figure from Rebor, and looking forward to more from them. Brilliant service as usual from the team at ED.

  11. peter (verified owner)

    A great museum quality model although seems based on the jurassic park version rather than an accurate one which i hope they will produce in the future.Paint work and sculpt is superb and at very affordable prices unlike sideshows versions.

  12. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    This figure has immense visual impact and will really stand out in any collection! The way it’s been sculpted gives a real sense of muscular power and predatory intent which is addictive to look at. T. rex really comes to life as the terror it truly was, and it’s reassuring that Rebor have paid some attention to anatomical accuracy. The artistic influences on this piece are fairly obvious, so it won’t win any awards for groundbreaking design, but it is generally so superbly executed that it holds its own easily against every other T. rex model available! Minor niggles for me are the stand, which does not enhance the model and could have been implemented more effectively; the model appears to be mid-stride and the stand seems awkward. The eyes face forwards, but the snout is maybe a touch too broad. I’m not sure about the articulation of the left humerus, and the beautiful info sheet is science-lite. But overall, I’m just nit-picking because this is a superb quality figure and certainly a new all-time favourite for me! Wow. More, please!

  13. Roger (verified owner)

    On first glance anyone would be forgiven to think this was a ”Sideshow Collectible” piece. The detailing is incredible and he is a good size. This is definitely aimed at the discerning collector rather than small children as the figure sports very sharp claws and teeth and the figure will not stand without it’s supporting base. The jaw is articulated with an equally well painted and detailed interior. He has a nice textured feel and is made of a high quality, solid vinyl/plastic, giving him considerable weight and making him very sturdy and firm but not ”concrete” hard as you would find with cheaper plastics. As Rebor are new to the dinosaur model industry there is no knowing how long this particular model will be in production but even so I am sure this will become a highly collectible investment for the future. He is a little pricey and I had my reservations but seeing him out of the box he is definitely worth that bit extra.

    Once again a big thank you Everything Dinosaur for outstanding customer service and super fast delivery. If you have any questions I know Everything Dinosaur will be more than happy to help you. Just drop them an email.

  14. MC

    Lovers of the Papo dinosaur range & Jurassic Park will want this on their selves Outstanding quality Rebor are a company that I will be keeping my eye on from now on.

    The Model:
    Sharp teeth & claws
    Beautiful paint job
    Reticulated jaw
    Detailed sculpt
    Uniquely posed

    When I say the teeth and claws are sharp I mean it this should not be treated as a toy but a display piece.

    Service from Everything Dinosaur was quick, helpful, and a pleasure would and most probably will be buying from again.

    *Now stop reading reviews and buy this Dinosaur*
    you will not be disappointed

  15. Dion (verified owner)

    Firstly I should review the ordering process. ED allowed me to reserve one without committing to purchase which was fantastic and after an email with the name of the person packing it I recieved it the very next day. I would highly recommend Everything Dinosaur and I will be using them again.

    The model itself is an incredible work of art. In some of the preview videos I’ve seen the paintwork looks significantly lighter than the promo shots but in the flesh it’s exactly as you’d expect. The blend of almost tigerish dark to light shades of dirty orange is skillfully done and backed up by an incredible base texture. Features such as the eyes, nail colouring and mouth are amazingly detailed. The pose itself is pretty majestic and the mouth articulation is very smooth.

    If I had to pick faults, and they are very minor, it would be the joints between the claws and the skin, which seem a bit clunky. However that really is being hyper-critical. The stand itself is a bit plain and not up to the standard of the main model, it’s also not straightforward to get the figure to balance at first and take some playing with.

    A word of warning, the claws are *sharp*. Not in a cheap or poorly made way, but this is a very accurate model and the teeth and claws are no exception.

    Overall I’d give the service 10/10 and the model 9.5/10. For those who collect Papo figures, this is a step up in quality worthy of the increased cost.

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