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Papo Archaeopteryx Model


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A super quality model of the Late Jurassic Archaeopteryx. A wonderful Archaeopteryx model from Papo. The Papo Archaeopteryx model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Archaeopteryx fact sheet.

5 in stock

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A hand-painted museum quality model of Archaeopteryx. A Papo Archaeopteryx model, a very beautiful replica of the “early bird” Archaeopteryx.

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Weight 41 g



Length 12.5 cm, Height of head 7 cm (1:5 scale approx.)


Ah-key-op-ter-rix (ancient wing)

4 reviews for Papo Archaeopteryx Model

  1. Tony Moorhouse (verified owner)

    Very detailed for a small figure, I’ve mounted it on my Archaeopteryx cast and it gives it a real museum feel.

  2. Hoatzin (verified owner)

    Very nice model indeed! The colour is a little less vivid than I’d have liked but the quality and detail is perfect and very precise. Incredibly fast shipping too!

  3. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    This is a very finely detailed model, both in terms of its sculpt and the incredibly complex and multi -layered paint scheme. It really has to be seen to be believed! From the individual detail of the feathers, the complex camouflage and species-recognition patterns, to the transition between lizard-like skin to feathers on the neck, bright eyes and every tiny tooth beautifully picked out, it really is at the height of quality among prehistoric replicas. The model has great character in its pose, and appears to be caught in the act of loudly proclaiming its territory! Papo superbly capture their models in the act of life. What it lacks in anatomical accuracy is made up for by its quality, and Papo have really gone to lengths to emphasise the dino-bird transitional features! It’s thrilling and easy to imagine it as an actual living creature. Every dino fan should have one of these fabulous little critters in their collection! Everything Dinosaur provide unfailingly superb and personal customer service every time, and have my deepest thanks for somehow managing to get this gorgeous little model to me so rapidly 🙂

  4. TonyandAlex (verified owner)

    Simply the best Archaeopteryx model we’ve ever seen. Beautifully sculpted and painted. Great detail and will be the new star of any good feathered dinosaur collection. An instant classic.

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