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CollectA Gastonia


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A CollectA Gastonia dinosaur model. A hand-painted replica of the armoured dinosaur known as Gastonia.

6 in stock

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A hand-painted, highly detailed model of the armoured dinosaur Gastonia. A CollectA Gastonia dinosaur model. A model of a Cretaceous dinosaur, a CollectA Gastonia.

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Length 12 cm, Height of model 4.5 cm




Gas-toh-nee-ah (Gaston's thing)

4 reviews for CollectA Gastonia

  1. E Champion (verified owner)

    A very well made small dinosaur toy. I have got it next to the rebor utahraptor model and they look good together as predator and prey but gastonia would be a tough nut to crack. Even though this gastonia looks like a sub adult.Top service from everything dinosaur.

  2. franciscoadrianooliveiradaluz (verified owner)

    Very beautiful figures. Arrived fast, I’m very happy. Thank you very much.

  3. Jamraptor

    Fairly small but an honestly good model and one of the best, most accurate ankylosaurs on the market. Again with a lot of CollectA’s models its very natural feeling without being drab or dull. Would reccommend.

  4. Elizabeth

    The photos really don’t do this model of Gastonia justice at all. When you have it on your desk, it’s a lovely life-like beast, with plenty of visual interest in its cream spikes, stripes and spots. Nice gradient of colour too to a reddish brown on its tail from the darker brown of its body. Strongly recommended, don’t overlook him!

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