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Collecta Deluxe 1:20 Scale Arsinoitherium


20 in stock

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A 1:20 scale model of the bizarre prehistoric animal Arsinoitherium from Collecta. A Collecta Deluxe Arsinoitherium model.

20 in stock


A Collecta Deluxe 1:20 scale model of Arsinoitherium. Great for creative, imaginative play a model of the giant herbivore Arsinoitherium by Collecta.

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Aars-in-oh-ith-ear-ree-um (Queen Arsinoe's Beast)


Length 18 cm, Height of shoulder 8 cm (1:20 scale)

3 reviews for Collecta Deluxe 1:20 Scale Arsinoitherium

  1. cryptojohn

    nice model good size displays well i am glad that there are more prehistoric mammals on the market now

  2. bobcat

    At last, a high quality model of this very strange, early mammal. The only other example is rather poor by comparison and this excellent CollectA version has been well worth the wait. Any other future plans for similar creatures? I wonder.

  3. Tony and Alex (verified owner)

    Nicely detailed and robust. A rare example of this animal and full of character. Well worth adding to your prehistoric zoo.

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