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1:40 scale model of Agustinia


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A hand-painted, highly detailed model of the huge Sauropod Agustinia. A super 1:40 scale replica of the armoured, long-necked dinosaur Agustinia, a bizarre dinosaur whose remains have been found in South America.

A great model for creative, imaginative play.

2 in stock

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A super scale model of the huge, long-necked dinosaur Agustinia. A 1:40 scale model of the unusual armoured dinosaur Agustinia.

Hand-painted, with lovely detail, a model of a very bizarre looking dinosaur from South America.

A wonderful model for imaginative, creative play.

Additional information

Weight 430 g

Length 37 cm, Height at hips 12 cm (including defensive spikes)




Ah-gus-tin-nee-ah (Agustin Martinelli's thing)

4 reviews for 1:40 scale model of Agustinia

  1. cepimax.13 (verified owner)

    this bizarre looking dinosaur is really eye catching! nice paint job as well. highly recommended esp. for sauropod enthusiasts 🙂

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    Very few version of the strange looking dino have been made! The choice of colours used on this model really work well together! The level of detailing is great too making this dino look more like really expensive model than a toy! The best part of this model are the dark blue spikes that start from the base of the neck and cover the dinos back! Over all a wonderful model that im glad i now own!

  3. rocker

    This is a superb large version of collecta smaller version, collecta have really gone to town in producing this model, and I’m now a lucky owner of this spined dinosaur collecta have modelled it well with the extra protection on the side of it’s neck besides the impressive row spines running down it’s neck and back, I would recomend this dinosaur to anyone who is thinking of buying a Agustina.

  4. C. Anderson

    Excellent customer service, fast delivery and I really appreciated the email communication following my purchase. My Godson was thrilled.

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