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A super model of the fearsome Tyrannosaur called Daspletosaurus. A CollectA Daspletosaurus dinosaur model.

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A CollectA Daspletosaurus dinosaur model. A fantastic, hand-painted Daspletosaurus dinosaur model by CollectA.

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Length 17 cm




Das-plet-oh-sore-us (Frightful Lizard)

5 reviews for CollectA Daspletosaurus

  1. thomas

    this model is very good however I do hope collectA make a standing version of this model so you can have it sitting down an standing up

  2. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    It is nice to see an alternative tyrannosaurid get its own replica and this one isn’t bad at all. The head seems a little elongated, the teeth are numerous and tiny, and it does appear to be a juvenile rather than an adult as it’s quite ‘cute’, but overall it’s nicely detailed. The scales on the underside have a crocodillian appearance which is a nice touch. The colour scheme is really quite nice and well done too, it gives a fairly realistic impression. I’m pleased with this little model and welcome it to my collection!

  3. Separatistsympathiser

    ‘wonderful!’ . . . i’m not usually interested in the bully-boy Therapods ( i prefer the gentler Herbivorous Dino’s) but this little fellow has such a graceful, un-aggressive pose that i couldn’t resist. it’s quite a small model and the proportions make it look more like a juvenile than a full adult – but this only adds to its appeal. mine is ‘squatting’ over the Dead Triceratops corpse right now . . . as with many of Collecta’s most recent models the unusual/dynamic pose really helps this model interact with other models – creating instant diorama’s and exciting play opportunites. my only complaint is that the paint-job is not ‘quite’ as good as the stock image above (its still pretty good though) well done CollectA.

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    Tyrannosaur models are often represented by T-Rex, so its nice to see its relatives produced for once. Its made in a crouching or resting pose, unusual in models. The colour scheme is mainly greens and browns, a good disguise in a forest environment. My only complaint about the model is that the head looks a tad off, the colour doesn’t match the rest of the body, and the tail end looks too slim. Other than that, its a good model of one my favourite dinosaur family.

  5. bobcat

    a very nice model and in an unusual posture too! Did they really rest like this, or on their side. Clever model really and the first in the category of “unusual poses”

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