Collecta 1:20 Deluxe Andrewsarchus

Collecta 1:20 Deluxe Andrewsarchus


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A superb Collecta 1:20 scale model of the fearsome prehistoric mammal Andrewsarchus. A Collecta Deluxe Andrewsarchus model.

2 in stock


A brilliant 1:20 scale Deluxe Andrewsarchus model by Collecta. A superb, hand-painted Collecta Deluxe Andrewsarchus replica.

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Weight 265 g



And-roos-ark-us (Andrew's beast)


Length 20 cm approx. Max. Height at shoulders 9 cm approx.

2 reviews for Collecta 1:20 Deluxe Andrewsarchus

  1. Cody

    This model is a fantastic sculpt from Collecta for this year 2016. A highly detailed figure with a great color scheme, this is a must have in your collection.

  2. Tony and Alex

    Very nicely detailed, worth a spot in your prehistoric mammal collection. It’s the best example of what an Andrewsarchus might have looked like. Good fun to play with for all the family.

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