CollectA Deluxe Beishanlong Dinosaur Model

///CollectA Deluxe Beishanlong Dinosaur Model

CollectA Deluxe Beishanlong Dinosaur Model


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A super model of the feathered dinosaur Beishanlong by Collecta. A 1:40 scale Collecta Beishanlong dinosaur model.

4 in stock


A wonderful 1:40 scale Collecta Deluxe Beishanlong dinosaur model. A beautiful model of this feathered dinosaur, a Collecta Beishanlong dinosaur model in 1:40 scale.

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Bay-shan-long (White Mountains Dragon)


Length 22.5 cm approx. Height of head 17 cm approx.

1 review for CollectA Deluxe Beishanlong Dinosaur Model

  1. Rhiannon

    This is a large and well detailed model which looks very convincing, and will certainly stand out in a collection. The details are very subtle and there is a real sense of movement in the animal’s pose. The tissue textures on the head are very good, and there are tiny little teeth in the mandible. The body details are also subtle, with slight bulges where the shoulder blades, stomach and muscles would be. The paintwork is very nicely done and the colour scheme was a very good choice that really suits this model. The base may be prone to warping, but can be fixed with hot water! Aside from being too laterally compressed, and the wings terminating at the wrists this is a very good model that really does ornithomimids justice!

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