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Wild Safari Prehistoric World Carnotaurus


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A Wild Safari Prehistoric World Carnotaurus dinosaur model. A superb model of a Carnotaurus

3 in stock


A fantastic model of the dinosaur Carnotaurus, a beautiful model of the fierce, meat-eating dinosaur Carnotaurus. A Wild Safari Prehistoric World Carnotaurus model.

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1 review for Wild Safari Prehistoric World Carnotaurus

  1. Jurassic James (verified owner)

    I have been considering buying a carnotaurus some time. A lot of the other ones in the market just didn’t seem right to me. I have collected papo for many years but theirs looked more like a little monster than a dinosaur! I was considering the nanmu carnotaurus after recently purchasing the spinosaurus and sinoceratops and being a jp/jw fan that one resembles the film animal one accurately. However, I wasn’t as keen on it as I am this one.

    The colour scheme and pose of the figure is what attracted me to it. Its one of those rare figures that actually goes above and beyond what you see on the promo images. I like the fact the dinosaur has a more natural face with softer less aggressive eyes and face that this dinosaur has lips. It gives it a very realistic feel and almost reminds me of s monitor lizard. It also has plenty of details with ostioderms running along its back all the way to a gently curved tail.

    I am also impressed with the legs and feet on this model. They remind me some what of an ostrich foot with a little loose skin falling towards the toes rather than the scales we usually see with therapod models. The model is a little on the bulky side for modern thinking but I just think of it as a well fed variant as we see many varieties in size of today’s animals. I would also say the arms could be slightly smaller but that’s being picky. It is excellent and great for the price.
    As always great service from you too.

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