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Wild Past Tethyshadros Pair


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A wonderful pair of Wild Past Tethyhadros dinosaur models. The Wild Past Tethyshadros dinosaur models (1:35 scale).

31 in stock

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The Wild Past Tethyshadros pair. A pair of Tethyshadros insularis dinosaur models. Set includes two Tethyshadros models (standing and resting) and a removable display base. A pair of Tethyshadros in the Wild Past prehistoric animal models range.

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2 reviews for Wild Past Tethyshadros Pair

  1. Bela Kadar (verified owner)

    Small, yet finely made couple.

  2. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    This is a very impressive release from Wild Past, the second by this independent firm. I like their Protoceratops very much, but technically the Tethyshadros pair are superior – no obvious 3D print lines. They make an excellent little diorama, with interesting natural poses without looking as if the designer was straining for effect. The two animals together make a pleasingly balanced pair from the aesthetic point of view. I like the natural-looking colour scheme too – very convincing for a pair of herbivores that might want to blend into their environment to avoid predators. I’m always happy when models of more obscure dinosaurs make it into model form. These are certainly the first Tethyshadros in my collection! The artwork on the box is very appealing. In short, a little gem: the small beasts remind me somewhat of the old Kaiyodo miniatures. Nice to have something that won’t take up a lot of space in my collection too! I’m very much looking forward to the promised Scutosaurus from Wild Past – I with this enterprising and exciting small firm well and hope to have more quality products by them in future!

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