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Rebor 1:35 Scale Baby Utahraptor (Breeze)


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The Rebor Scout series baby Utahraptor dinosaur model (Breeze). A 1:35 scale model of a baby Utahraptor by Rebor.

57 in stock


A brilliant model of a baby Utahraptor (Breeze) by Rebor. A museum quality baby Utahraptor in 1:35 scale by Rebor. The Rebor baby Utahraptor Breeze.

Additional information


YOO-tah-RAP-tor (robber from Utah)


Height of model on base 5 cm approx. Length of model 6 cm approx. Width of base 3 cm approx.


14+ (A display piece, not a toy)

1 review for Rebor 1:35 Scale Baby Utahraptor (Breeze)

  1. 5 out of 5

    A very wee and dainty model, and utterly charming. It’s up there with Papo’s baby T. rex in terms of sheer cuteness, and it’s just as beautifully produced as the rest of Rebor’s range to date. A lovely addition to the collection!

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