Rebor 1:35 Scale “Tyrannosaurus rex Killer Queen” Plain

Rebor 1:35 Scale “Tyrannosaurus rex Killer Queen” Plain


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A Rebor 1:35 scale Tyrannosaurus rex Killer Queen plain. An amazing Rebor 1:35 scale T. rex Killer Queen plain.

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A fantastic Rebor 1:35 scale model of the Tyrannosaurus rex Killer Queen (plain). A stunning model of T. rex complete with an articulated jaw. The Rebor Killer Queen T. rex (plain)

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13 reviews for Rebor 1:35 Scale “Tyrannosaurus rex Killer Queen” Plain

  1. Heather Smith

    I love this model and is absolutely gorgeous but I’m having trouble with it standing. Have had it for 2 months and now it’s having trouble balancing, kinda disappointed with that.

    • mike

      A team member has emailed you with some advice and assistance to help you correct the stability problem.

  2. Jurassic James (verified owner)

    Bought this T.rex as ut reminded me of Rexy (Roberta) from the JP/JW franchise. I have not been disappointed. Colour wise I don’t think there is any that rivals it for looking as that dinosaur did especially in the first movie. I’ve heard some say the nanmu offering may do but I can’t say as I haven’t purchased that. I also prefer this offering in as find the pose plays off other models well!

    Great service as always from. You too.

  3. Jay

    I bought a killer queen plain from everything dinosaur and the delivery and customer service was excellent. When unboxed the figurine is amazing and stands well presently.
    However I have noticed the jaw is coming loose gradually and the figure is slowly leaning towards one side. Quite gutted about jaw in particular since I like keeping the jaw closed which is a bit of a let down.

    • mike

      We have emailed you with some tips about how to correct the jaw and provided a templated and instructions so you can re-set the pose of the model.

  4. Sam

    Rebor’s T-Rexs are very movie-like. Having it standing on your table seems like seeing a 3-D picture popping out. This one and the green (jungle) one are equally gorgeous. Different colors, different shades, different vibes. Can’t really decide which one is the best. So yeah, you must buy a pair.

  5. Nick Muller

    Amazing just a really great model. It DOES stand on his own no problem at all i give everything a big fat 10 if i could sadly just a 5 star.

  6. omar.iversen (verified owner)

    5 stars for Everything Dinosaur, shipping, service and packaging top notch.

    Unfortunately I cannot give the figure five stars as well, tho by default it should have.
    Excellent detail, paint and design, love the innovative way of doing the teeth rather then merely white paint. The eyes are also done in gold wich gives them more life rather then just plain yellow. Props to Rebor for pushing the design on figures such as these, I believe Papo has finally been dethroned when it comes to a T-Rex figure in this price class.

    Too bad then Rebor chooses to use a sub par plastic, one of the figures legs is bent out of the package and it refuses to stand without support. A cosmetic error is one thing, but having the figure fall over is a no go. Sloppy quality control by the manufacturer.

  7. Dan

    Love it this is an amazing model that I got earlier today, I’m really happy with it.
    Thanks so much Rebor! I really am happy with it!

  8. Julian

    Model is really great! But it doesn‘t stand on its own.

    • mike

      We have emailed you some helpful information to resolve this problem for you.

  9. Kyle

    This figure looks nice but falls over every chance it gets. I’ve tried the various methods to fix the issue and they always work for a day or two but eventually, the figure comes tumbling down. Not worth the effort.

    • mike

      Thank you for your comment, we have emailed you with suggestions on how to fix this problem and sent over a footprint guide (pdf) to assist you with re-setting this model.

  10. Boris (verified owner)

    Stunning piece, but lately and sadly, it seems like it won’t ever stand properly anymore as I always find it lying down when I come back at the evening.

    • mike

      Thanks for your feedback, we have just emailed you over a helpful guide that might assist you with your stability problem. Hope this helps.

  11. Tristin (verified owner)

    Great statue but mine cannot stand properly, seems the rear foot wasn’t done right and it falls over every time I try to set it up.

    • mike

      We have emailed you with some advice about how to make this model stand correctly.

  12. kelvin.griffiths (verified owner)

    Just got mine an hour ago. Absolutely stunning model based on original Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus.

    Also want to add just how amazing Everything Dinosaur is as a company. My order was prepared within minutes of placing, sent with care and respect and their communication was top notch. I will definitely be coming here again.

  13. Chriis (verified owner)

    Simply superb! This sculpt is great and highly detailed. One of the best “Rexy” I’ve seen so far.

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