Rebor 1:18 Scale Velociraptor (Winston)

Rebor 1:18 Scale Velociraptor (Winston)


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A beautiful 1:18 scale Velociraptor dinosaur model by Rebor. A Rebor Velociraptor (Winston).

Out of stock

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A brilliant model of a Velociraptor by Rebor. The 1:18 scale model of Velociraptor (Winston) by Rebor. The Rebor Velociraptor replica has an articulated lower jaw. An amazing 1:18 scale Velociraptor replica by Rebor.

Additional information

Weight 330 g

14+ (A display piece, not a dinosaur toy)


Length 15 cm approx. Height of head 8 cm approx. 1:18 scale replica.


vel-oh-see-rap-tor (speedy bird of prey)

8 reviews for Rebor 1:18 Scale Velociraptor (Winston)

  1. pichierrinicolas (verified owner)

    The package arrived in no time. It was very well made too. The model is… Perfection. I can’t say anything else. Perfection.

  2. beckett.keith (verified owner)

    I ordered this model early Thursday morning and I received it Friday morning. It was very well packed too. Fantastic service as always! Everything Dinosaur has got to be the best and most friendly run bussiness on the internet.
    Now onto the model….Its an extremely nice sculpt and its very well painted. Its one of those models that once you have received it, it makes you want to buy the same model again, just so you have two of them.

  3. Ben Hughes (verified owner)

    Amazing tribute to Stan Winston a must have for any jurassic park or dinosaur fan. Great quality sculpt beautiful paint job with a sturdy hardy casting which should last in time. Absolutely beautiful piece at an incredible price. Everything Dinosaur is definitely the place to shop if you’re a dino fan.

  4. Athanasia

    Amazing detail on this figure.
    An absolute must have for all Jurassic Park fans.

    Big thanks to Everything Dinosaur crew for their service.

    :) :)

  5. Ivie

    For being my first ever Rebor model, I think I made a great choice upon picking it out of the others! This model is extremely detailed, very nicely sized and positioned. I love how it’s in a walking position with one of it’s legs faced forward while the other one is positioned back! It’s coloration is a lot darker than I thought it would be. But because of that, it looks just like the Velociraptor from the first Jurassic Park! Which I think makes it a must have for any Jurassic park or dinosaur fan. The sickle claws are very nicely curved and sharp. The eyes are a light shade of green that have slit pupils which gives it a sort of menacing look. The lower teeth of the model are made of a transparent plastic while the upper teeth are oddly painted yellow. The tail is very long and is a bit skinny, but it ends in a nice curve which I love to see in stunning models like this. Though this model is not accurate when it comes to scientific research, it is still a fantastic model and a great but sad reminder of San Winston’s passing. But, if he were here, I think he would be more than proud of Rebor and their amazing people for this spectacular model:’)

  6. DinoG

    This is the best Rebor figure by far! Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Rachel

    This piece is a Stan Winston tribute. Sadly he passed away June 15, 2008. He was the man who’s company founded in 1972, “Stan Winston Studio” created the animatronics for the original Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3. Stan was also known for his work on the Terminator series, Aliens, the first two Predator films, Inspector Gadget, Iron Man and Edward Scisorhands. His company has gone on to do many, many more films after his passing. This excellent model is supposed to represent as close to what Stan created as the original Jurassic Park Velociraptor Nublarensis as possible for the company to replicate. I’m extremely impressed with this as a childhood Jurassic Park fan, their other Jurassic Park inspired models, their work in general with company original sculpt designs and attempt at accuracy in some with a little artistic freedom.

  8. Simon

    I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while & once again Rebor comes up trumps, OK it may not be scientifically accurate but I don’t think that’s what they were out to achieve, as far as a replica of the movie Raptors this one is pretty much spot on, everything is well detailed & the mouth must be one for the best yet, very good value for money & Everything dinosaurs service is top class!

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