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PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model


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PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

47 in stock

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A PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus. A fantastic model of Carnotaurus by PNSO. The PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model complete with an articulated jaw and a transparent stand.

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2 reviews for PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. carlandhelen51 (verified owner)

    Another fantastic sculpt of the ever popular Carnotaurus. Beautiful model with exquisite colouring. Thank you PSNO!

  2. William Shields

    PNSO’s 2021 “Domingo”

    Carnotaurus sastrei.
    1:35 Scale Model.

    HEAD:Beautiful accurate narrow slender jaws.The horns are on the money and are of a natural horn colour.

    Well defined nostrils and his dark orange eyes with a hint of devilment in them gives you the impression of a predator always on the prowl aware of his environment.

    No lips no worries here and jaw opens and closes wide in a very smooth fluid action and the exposed teeth excellence.

    Dark pink tongue held nice tight and the back of the mouth an nasal openings in the roof.
    We have a nicely slender neck.

    BODY:Lets begin with those wonderful
    vestigial Carno arms just great and held in the correct place those wee stubby fingers ah the Rexes laughing themselves silly at those tiny arms.

    All areas of the skins are a feast for the true Carnotuarus fan from the most detailed scale to the largest dermal scute and the nice row of scales running down the spine.

    Dimogo’s legs are so natural not too thin nor too beefy just what a pursuit predators should be and the worn toe nails finish the lower limbs off.

    Tail muscle observed from above is grand you see the effort has been taken to give us a very natural
    caudofemoralis muscle.

    For the cloaca police it’s present & correct lol.

    COLOUR: Russett orange is the main body colour and the black tiger striping begins from head to the end of the tail and the lower legs which breaks up the colour nicely adding to the entire final finish to PNSO’s “Domingo”.

    “Domingo” comes in the excellent PNSO white box, his accessories are is a beautifully illustrated book and his clear posing plastic stand to help him balance.

    Length:10.1/2 inches.

    Height:4.1/4 inches.

    May I take a moment to thank Sue & Mike and the entire team at Everything Dinosaur HQ.
    We Your Customers/Friends wish you all many thank you all for being the company we all respect.
    Thank you for being Our Friends and thank you for being 

    A very small bio of Carnotaurus sastrei
    José Bonaparte’s “Meat Eating Bull.

    José unearthed the one and only skeleton of this excellence preserved new Abelisauridae 1984, Chubut Province of Argentinean Province of Chubut from the La Colonia Formation.
    (holotype MACN-CH 894).

    An Almost intact articulated fossil was revealed and removed,but weathering had  decamated 2/3 of tail along with the lower legs & feet so present reconstructions are done by using these missing pieces taken from closely related Abelisauridae.

    By blind chance a wonderful impression of skin was fossilized giving the first-ever theropod dermal fossil.We had a tragedy while preparing the rock matrix containing the skull it was removed losing these skin impressions forever.

    Carnotaurus is a derived member of the Abelisauridae, a group of large theropods that occupied the large predatorial

    The time period it dates from is within the Late period of the Cretaceous ~72-69.9 million years ago within the Maastrichtian age.

    Medium-large-sized theropod of  25-30 ft feet and weight ratio of  1 1/2 tons .

    “Domingo the Fast-Boi” Lived along a seasonal coastal or tidal or even estuarine areas.

    He was the cheetah of the large theropods chasing down and then gobbling down his small fast prey as those jaws wheren’t made for the same heavy works as Gigas or Rexes.

    We know he was built for speed due to the extra thick caudofemoralis tail muscle which would kept the tail drawn straight out fantastic for straight line pursuit but not so good at corning or sharp turns.

    “Domingo” without a doubt is the pinnacle of Carnotaurus sastrei figures you’ll be hard pressed to find a better more accurate example ever.

    PNSO’s entire series are of a fantastic scale and quality with a fantastic price range. My advice I’d leave space for  all their future releases.
    An to paraphrase “Spinodude” by saying don’t wait too long or else this “Fast Boi” will be gone,gone.

    PNSO will release even more figures very soon in 2021 all which will be available here at Everything Dinosaur as they debut to world by the web.

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