PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Model

PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Model


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PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

55 in stock

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A PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur model. A fantastic model of a Pachycephalosaurus by PNSO. The PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus is supplied with a transparent stand.

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1 review for PNSO Austin the Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    I’m delighted with this Pachycephalosaurus. The model is extremely detailed, especially the head region, with his dome and all the warty bumps over his snout and round the back of the dome. But the detail isn’t limited to the head region: the pads of his feet are beautifully sculpted to give the sort of pattern familiar from dinosaur fossil trackways – even though these pads are of course invisible when the model is standing up! The pose is natural and suggests a living animal in movement, which is assisted by some nice skin folds on his torso and round his legs – this naturalism is always a strength with PNSO sculptures. The paint scheme is sober, as befits a herbivore, and would give him good camouflage. But within its sobriety, there’s plenty of variation – again especially round his dome and on his facial protuberances. The paint is carefully applied, for instance to the tiny claws on his feet. Mine stands perfectly at present – but I’ll be displaying him with the little support rod supplied by PNSO. I don’t want his legs to warp over time and this will provide some protection against that. I always enjoy having a look at the illustrated PNSO fold-up sheets that accompany their models. This one has an especially attractive painting of a Pachycephalosaurus in a waterside environment taking up one entire side. Recommended – but do be aware that this is quite a small animal! Full marks to Everything Dinosaur for their excellent customer care – but as a longstanding customer, I never expect any less from their team!

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