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PNSO Wilson the T. rex Dinosaur Model (2021). A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

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PNSO Wilson the T. rex dinosaur model. A fantastic model of Tyrannosaurus rex by PNSO. The PNSO Wilson the T. rex dinosaur model complete with an articulated jaw and a transparent stand.

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4 reviews for PNSO Wilson the T. rex Dinosaur Model

  1. carlandhelen51 (verified owner)

    This in my opinion is the ultimate Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpt that everyone should buy. After years of in-accurate movie tie-in`s, Finally,, finally we get a sculpt that accurately depicts this exceptional dinosaur. It`s been a long frustrating wait for someone to produce a sculpt which does it justice. So a Very big Thank you PSNO for this long awaited model, and having the foresight to improve on their previous-not so accurate model. PSNO are certainly leading the way in accurate dinosaur sculpts. Also, There seems to be a new model coming from them every week! I can`t keep up!

    Here`s feverishly waiting for PSNO`s Torvosaurus and Tarbosaurus in 1/35th scale to compliment Wilson the T-Rex in the near future! I can`t wait! What a time to start collecting dinosaur models. This really is the golden age of collecting. Keep it up PSNO!

  2. mdziedzic857 (verified owner)

    It has amazingly sculpted scales and is nicely painted with a good blend of being realistic and not boring. although I believe T-rex had lips, I like that the sculptor gave his reasoning on why he did not give the model lips. I recommend using the stand when displaying the model as the legs will start warping over time.

  3. William Shields

    PNSO’s 2021 “Wilson” 

    Tyrannosaurus 1:35 Scale Model.

    The team at PNSO have not just
    updated their previous two versions of “Wilson” but have given us totally new beast.

    Let me just state we have now found our Grail Tyrannosaurus rex model finally an it is “Wilson” he’s a perfect storm in all aspects.

    My apologees to all the JP fans Wilson’s no Buck or Rexy he’s the true form of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

    Thank you PNSO for this Wilson I have waited for nearly half century for him worth the wait in truth.

    “Wilson” which is based upon the AMNH5027 specimen.


    We have 110 percent perfection in the head sculpt an over all general.

    To have lips or not to have lips that is to each too own’s personal fancies.
    I’m liking the Bulkster without them.

    Zao Chuang decided due to his osteological research not add them due the large facial scales growing beyond the margin of upper mandible.

    The lower mandible fits into the upper with exact hole placement.

    Giving a greater all round protection.

    “Wilson” integument of his face is as tho it has been recreated from the living theropod.

    Wilson’s eyes are the correct stereoscopic/binocular version which are of a dark yellow/red with a black iris in life his vision was superior to any modern bird of prey that could pick out prey even hidden in cover.

    The texturing is real a banquet to run your fingers over sadly this is as close we’ll ever get to the real animal and so much painstaking crafting has been done to create this accurate model.

    The lacrimal crests are on the money and converge onto the nasal crest. No real shrink wrapping on his antorbital fenestra & orbits.

    Now to his business end a stunning set of classic and correct robust teeth in both jaws painted correctly in a rich wet pink to give natural look and the mouth is fully articulated with a ridge textured upper pallette and the pseudo-jaws to hold the muscles that propel the deadliest bite of any thus discovered theropods.

    Unlike mammalian predators if a tooth is lost or broken a new one erupts from the jaw they can scavenge until back to hunting again with a full set bonebreakers.

    Tongue placement correct in the mouth well back not flopping outwards.

    The first modern model with correct stereoscopic vision an research suggests the T-rex had may be best vision ever better any of the modern birds of prey,even able to pick prey standing still in cover no movie myth of if you don’t move it can’t see you.


    Let us begin with “Wilson” ample heft and gut most often never incorporated into present production models.

    While Zao Chuang sculpted the gastralia ribs into the model.
    No lean & hungry look here but a 
    very ample gutted predator indeed

    ‘Wilson”s forelimbs surpass all previous for arms & hands the best of the best  from the detailed fingers with shoulder muscles hidden under the skin folds to the muscles in his arm’s tiny fore limbs so many many previous rex figures where lack such little details such as this.
    Each arm could lift upwards of 440lbs
    would most likely of use in some prey situations or holding down carcass to rend it open, an also helpful during the breeding season.

    Really chunky keel bone with fully textured skin and cloaca.

    In the hind limbs we recieve are a realistic pair of powerful scutted legs with great claws an a cracking dew claws all covered in natural looking skin full textured flat foot pads. Poised in a forward moving stance with the right foot raised.

    Wilson comes boxed in a superb white PNSO Box an accessories included are a wonderful book and clear plastic stand to help with balance/posing.

    Colour wise we have a deep ochre covering with dark tiger-like striping from the back of the skull to the end of the tail and which is of a correct length not one that disppears over the horizon. Colouration far better the prototype colours.

    Length:13.5 inches.

    Height:4.5 inches.

    At this moment I wish to thank Sue & Mike and their entire team at Everything Dinosaur HQ.

    We Your Customers/Friends wish to thank you all for being the company we all respect.

    Thank you for being Our Friends and thank you for being 

    A very small bio of  Brown & Fairfield Osborn’s  Tyrannosaurus rex “Tyrant Lizard King”.

    While on an AMNH dig in 1900 Barnum Brown found bones and then in 1902 he uncovered the first partial skeleton from the Hell Creek formation.

    And three years later in 1905 

    Henry Fairfield Osborn’s gave the world’s favourite predator it’s full regal title.

    The time period it dates from is within the Late period of the Cretaceous 66-68 million years ago within the Maastrichtian age from the legendary Hell Creek Formation.

    Large-sized theropod of 40-43 feet and weight ratio of 8-13 tons.

    The Triceratops horridus this 13 ton, 30 foot Chasmosaurinae would have been preyed upon by the Hell creek Tyrannosaurus rex but not an easy task most likely taking only sub-adults & the sick or the infirm. But most likely as with the Komodo dragons they had a septic bite inflict a bite an draw back and trail the prey an wait for blood loss & infection fell prey.

    Fossil evidence does show that at times it was a duel to the death for both combatants locked in the final struggle to survive.

    No longer do I quest for an accurate Tyrannosaurus rex I have him and he was really worth waiting for nearly fifty years for and I’m very glad I pre-ordered this Large Lad.

    PNSO’s entire series a fantastic scale and with a fantastic price range. My advice I’d leave space for future releases as PNSO are a blaze with2 future figures in 2021 all which will be available here at Everything Dinosaur as they debut

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    PNSO have really outdone themselves with the new Wilson! The amount of work and research that has gone into crafting this figure is outstanding! Barnum Brown would be so happy with the legacy of his discovery.

    Thank you again Everything Dinosaur of the quick delivery and quality service. It was worth the wait!

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