PNSO A-Qi the Young Sinoceratops

PNSO A-Qi the Young Sinoceratops


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PNSO A-Qi the young Sinoceratops. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

15 in stock

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A PNSO A-Qi the young Sinoceratops. A wonderful model of a young Sinoceratops by PNSO. A-Qi the young Sinoceratops. PNSO A-Qi the young Sinoceratops dinosaur model.

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2 reviews for PNSO A-Qi the Young Sinoceratops

  1. marygentle (verified owner)

    A-Qi is cute. And I mean, truly cute–but in a good way. PNSO’s figure of a juvenile Simoceratops could have been a Disneyfied dinosaur, but instead he (or she) is cute simply in the way that young animals are. It’s a beautiful figure.

    A-Qi is painted in subtle greens and browns, with some irregular dark stripes across the back. It has the ceratopsian’s “parrot” beak — which does make the model look as if it’s smiling, simply because of how it’s shaped. A-Qi also has the larger eyes of a juvenile, which look black on first glance. When you look more closely, you can see that there is a brown iris surrounding the black pupil. The eyes are glossy, as they should be. Every crease and dimple of the dinosaur’s skin is beautifully modelled, and you get the feeling (not always the case with dinosaur models) that you can feel muscles under the skin.

    But the most striking thing about this figure is the pose.

    A-Qi’s pose suits either sitting up, or laying on her back — both look realistic. When she is sitting up, she’s balanced back on her rump, all four feet taking different positions. On of her rear feet faces down, the other is sticking out sideways. One forefoot is reaching out, and the other is tucked up under her chin. Her tail is wonderfully curled over. As you look at her, you realise she has sat down and is overbalancing backwards! Or else, if you lay her on her back, she looks convincingly like a Sinoceratops having fun in a mud wallow.

    I must come clean here, and confess that I’ve seen this pose in life. Although not in a dinosaur.

    My partner Dean and I kept pet Kune Kune pigs for seventeen years. Kune Kunes are a small and rather “square” pig. I’ve often seen them sit back on straw in their pen, or on uneven ground, and end on their rump as their balance goes. Kune Kune pigs wave their short legs and trotters, in a pose SO like young A-Qi that I wonder if the people at PNSO researched existing quadruped herbivores before they designed this ceratopsian. A-Qi may be ultra cute, but it’s in the way that realistic animals can be cute.

    Dean wants me to add that A-Qi is impectably modelled, down to the pads on the undersides of the feet and the individual toe-nails; a feature which, as a blind person, he finds invaluable.

    The PNSO packaging includes a box with a stout plastic inner container, which keeps the model from moving around in transit, and a leaflet (Chinese and English) with the company’s story, and a very short story about A-Qi, which is subtle and well thought-out, like the model itself.

    As ever, this model comes with one of the wonderfully informative Everything Dinosaur fact sheets, with the invaluable illustration that gives the relative size of dinosaur and homo sapiens. Everything Dinosaur’s service is the superb thing that we’ve come to expect from them, throughout. Good going, guys!

  2. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    I’m always excited when a new model from PNSO reaches our shores. This baby Sinoceratops lives up to my high expectations. The level of detail is excellent and the large eyes (appropriate in a small juvenile) are pretty realistic. Its chubby body gives it a very tactile quality and the unusual pose makes it fit very nicely in the hand. The paint scheme is both well applied and attractive, especially the line of irregular eye-catching dark brown strips over the spine (not visible in the promo photos). It’s very cute indeed and will display well with my Rebor “Clover” and “Jolly” models. It comes with a well produced colour sheet, with a short story (in perfect idiomatic English) that will both delight and educate a young owner. The plastic is robust enough for a young owner’s play. But it’s a good addition to an adult’s specialist collection too. And I find it specially pleasing when PNSO gives us a dinosaur from China that is rarely encountered in model form.

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