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A PNSO Age of Dinosaurs toy that accompany your growth Archaeopteryx. Jonas the little Archaeopteryx.

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A PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Archaeopteryx model. A wonderful model of the Late Jurassic Archaeopteryx by PNSO. A PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Archaeopteryx model.

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2 reviews for PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Toys Archaeopteryx

  1. Billy Clarke (verified owner)

    For the price, great details and paint job on this figure from PNSO. The animal is posed in a way that it can cling onto model trees in a realistic, lifelike manner. It also comes with an informative leaflet that doubles as a poster.

  2. William Shields (verified owner)

    PNSO’s Archaeopteryx Jonas is the Legendary Mighty Mini of Solnhofen limestone quarry of Germany.The Beginning spark of that birds are Dinosaurs.Jonas is just stunning a very very well updated restoration makes see what an early protobird should be not a feathery reptile from the earlier depictions.Colour wise very like a pheasant or pigeon.
    Wing held open as tho about capture it’s prey.
    Sue & Mike you captain Such a fantastic Shop.

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