Plateosaurus Dinosaur Model

Plateosaurus Dinosaur Model


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A super model of this giant dinosaur from the Triassic. A model of the dinosaur Plateosaurus. A Plateosaurus dinosaur model.

5 in stock

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A fantastic model of the huge Triassic dinosaur Plateosaurus. A peaceful herbivore that grew to be as long as a bus. One of the first really large dinosaurs to evolve.  A CollectA Plateosaurus dinosaur model.

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Weight 116 g



PLAT-ee-oh-SAW-rus (flat lizard)


Length 23 cm, Height 16 cm

6 reviews for Plateosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. JAMES (verified owner)

    This is a Gem of a product once you hold it in your hands, the stock pictures dont do any justice to the wonderful figure from CollectA, Im beginning to like CollectA a lot. This figure has a matt finish which I prefer rather than the translucent plastic on some of their models. Buy it before it goes out of stock because it is one of the best figures of Iconic Plateosaurus

  2. cryptojohn

    I love this model great detail and colour every collection should have one.

  3. TonyandAlex (verified owner)

    Finely detailed and robust. Will last you a good while and a must have for any self respecting collection.

  4. dinocleb

    amazing model of plateosaurus, one of the first big dinosaurs. brilliant model.

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    Very detailed and beautifully painted, this is the best Plateosaur (& the best Prosauropod) model I have ever seen. Great service as always.

  6. Gary

    Great range of goods and excellent quality. Great to see the info leaflet on the Plateosaurus.

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