Papo Compsognathus

Papo Compsognathus


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A wonderful model of the fast-running dinosaur Compsognathus by Papo. A Papo Compsognathus dinosaur model complete with an articulated jaw.

2 in stock

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A Papo Compsognathus dinosaur model. A beautiful, hand-painted model of Compsognathus by Papo. The Papo Compsognathus has an articulated jaw.

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3 reviews for Papo Compsognathus

  1. Ed Byrne (verified owner)

    This is a great model of Compsognathus longipes by Papo after some research & scale calculations I have worked out that it is roughly 1:6th scale which is nice as the model is 18.5 cm long I multiplied that by 6 which works out at 111 cm or just a tiny fraction over 1.1 meters for the real animal which is about right Compsognathus longipes must have been a very feisty little animal & a very successful little predator in the Late Jurassic period. The detailing & sculpt with this model is fantastic as always with Papo models this particular model though reminds me of the Compys in The Lost World: Jurassic Park back in 1997 which is nice as I like that depiction of this animal on film.

  2. Ayrton Moura (verified owner)

    super realistic

  3. danielse (verified owner)

    Really good one. Much better than on the photo. Very detailed and nice, as usual from Papo.

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