Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Model


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A hand-painted, museum quality, scale model of the fearsome Allosaurus, a superb model dinosaur for creative play.

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An award winning, hand-painted and finely detailed model of the fearsome Jurassic giant Allosaurus. Complete with jaws that open and close. A museum quality model, great for creative, imaginative play.  A Papo Allosaurus dinosaur model.

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Weight 210 g



Length 26 cm, Height 11 cm


al-oh-sore-us (different lizard)

11 reviews for Papo Allosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Bela

    Carnivores forever! This one is a very good Allosaurus replica, fairly accurate anatomically, I think. Also, excellent paint job and colours, good sculpture (some seals, ehh, but you can’t have everything…), and above all, dynamic pose gives it extra charm – Allosaurus on the hunt. Carry on with Cryolophosaurus, Ceratosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus!

  2. Hamish

    Papo’s range of dinosaur models are consistently outstanding. These figures are lifelike in every detail from the folds of their skin to their musculature to the intricate paint schemes. This model of Allosaurus is no exception.

    However, what makes this toy really stand out is the creative licence the modellers have taken with the design. This must be one of the most original looking dinosaur toys out there and it just looks fantastic, with its spine ridges and the bright paint scheme. The team at Papo have done it again and I’m sure any young dinosaur enthusiast would love it.

    I ordered this for my son, along with two other dinosaur models, and all arrived very quickly – incredibly quickly – in perfect condition. As a bonus, Everything Dinosaur also included great fact sheets about each dinosaur ordered. A nice personal touch and interesting reading too!

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    This is one of the best Allosaurus models produced! It even has the enlarged claw on its first finger. The spikes on its back look really awesome and add to its amazing pose! A great model of a great predator and my first Jurassic Papo model, along with the Papo Brachiosaurus.

  4. gennaro (verified owner)

    This is best representation of Allosaur you can come across lately, comperable to much more expensive models by paleo artists. The details are unbelievable and the dynamic pose make this model take the first row in my collection

  5. Michele (verified owner)

    3th dinosaurus bought, really really happyyyyy.ON TO THE NEXT

  6. Megalosaurus

    The sculpt is amazing. Highly detailed scaly skin. The pose is dynamic (walking). The movable jaw adds extra value to this figure. A lot of artistical flexibility was used in this model.
    The coloration is realistic and suitable for a predator. Paintwork is very good, but not perfect. In my particular figure, there’s a brush fiber sticked to a pair of teeth.
    The conclusion: A fantastic artistic representation of Allosaurus, and a must have.

  7. william

    Liked the personal email from the packer, it was a nice touch – keeps some humanity to ordering, feels as if someone is taking care.

  8. louis

    This dinosaur is my third favourite dinosaur.

  9. Nonny (verified owner)

    This is an exceptionally high standard model, clearly sculpted by somebody with a real passion not just for dinosaurs, but clearly for their avian and reptilian relatives too, because this Allosaurus is absolutely superb and really puts worthy flesh on the bones of this ancient animal! Its pose is dynamic, lifelike and perfectly balanced, the detail of the muscles and the skin texture is very impressive and the paintwork and seams are almost flawless. Even the detail inside its mouth is incredible and this is definitely the best model dinosaur I’ve ever had. I highly recommend it!

  10. Robin

    A really nice detailed model of an Allosaurus, I had been after one of these for ages. So glad when I found it and it was delivered really quickly.

  11. Marshy

    Could not wait to get my hands on this award winning model of an Allosaurus from Papo. A very different intrepretation of this Theropod dinosaur. Loved the fine detail, the superb paint work and the simple proto-feathers and crests. A great dinosaur model for any collector.

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