Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model


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A hand-painted, museum quality model of the huge predator Spinosaurus, a super model dinosaur for creative play.

1 in stock

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A wonderful, hand-painted and finely detailed scale model of the giant predator Spinosaurus complete with jaws that open and close. A museum quality 1:40 scale model, great for creative, imaginative play.  A Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

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Weight 440 g



Length 34 cm, Height 16 cm


spy-no-sore-us (thorn lizard)

27 reviews for Papo Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. stoveravery8

    My Spinosaurus is awesome. He’s been everywhere: shower, my bed, the pool, travel, etc. Keeping him in top condition to show off

  2. dstrom (verified owner)

    Stunning detail! Customer service is great too

  3. Damien (verified owner)

    Fantastic and so realistic, love the Spinosaurus and this is an exact reminder of the one from Jurassic Park III, absolute quality. Thank You Papo. No other company has anything on you. A+++.

  4. cepimax.13 (verified owner)

    Eye catching piece of art dinosaur figure! With its size and quality it really stands out among its rivals! No doubt one of the best dinosaur models. fast delivery and smooth transaction :) :) :)

  5. TheSpinoRex

    This is perfect if you want a Jurassic Park model, it is reminiscent of the one from JP3, but if you want accuracy, you will not want this model.but for me it’s a 10/10!

  6. Alexus (verified owner)

    Papo, you are indeed the best dinosaur figure/toy making company ever! The amount of detail you put into your dinosaurs is unbelievable! Its amazing that almost all your dinosaur figures look flawless considering they are a popular product in demand. Schleich, CollectA, Hasbro, even Rebor in my own opinion have got nothing on you. Rebor is probably your closest competitor. But Papo puts almost a equal amount of detail in their dinosaurs but for a less price.
    If you are a fan of dinosaurs, especially Jurassic Park, these are a must get! Universal really needs to give Papo a license to make official Jurassic Park/World dinosaurs. They deserve it. I can’t imagine how incredible a Papo Indominus Rex would look!
    Hasbro’s Jurassic World dinosaurs are just an abomination to me!

    Alright now let me give my honest opinion on the Spinosaur figure itself.
    This is indeed a amazing looking figure! So realistically colored and the choice of the pose is fantastic! The Spinosaurus is slightly bigger than the T-Rex (standing) by his spine. But its definitely longer. I do wish the Spinosaurus was colored like the one in JP3 with the red and white but the color he is on this figure is just fine! Outstanding work Papo. Hope to see more dinosaurs by you in the future!
    If there is anything you could improve upon, its the painting of the dinosaurs teeth. Carnivores specifically. All my Papo dinosaurs have some poorly painted teeth. But despite that, everything else looks stunning.

    Just a tip, if you are looking for the cheapest place to buy these Papo dinosaurs, Everything Dinosaur is the place to go. Ebay, Amazon, and in store ones cost a bit more than the ones here on EverythingDinosaur!

  7. Ray (verified owner)

    This is an incredible model. I absolutely love it, the detail, the scale and it is truly massive. The sheer size of this animal is represented well in this model. I bought 13 other models from ED and have loved each one. This has to be my total favourite

  8. Hamish

    This Spinosaurus is another great model from Papo’s incredible dinosaur line. It is a work of art and the attention to every little detail that went in to making it is amazing. Another great product from a company that excels in the quality of their work and, thanks to Everything Dinosaur, you can pick it up for your kid at an affordable price!

  9. Jarek (verified owner)

    You’ve probably read more than a dozen positive reviews about this models and mine is no different – I absolutely love this figure. I got it for Christmas and fell in love with it the second I saw it.
    Gorgeous sculpture, great paintjob, dynamic pose, and articulated jaw make one of the best dinosaur figures around. Highly recommended!

  10. cryptojohn

    Great details, good size love it.

  11. as

    Wow! This dino is amazing. My boy is over the moon and we’ll be back for more.

  12. jakearex

    Good model and he was as big as T-rex!!

  13. Will

    when i saw this figure for the first time i really wanted to get my hands on a PaPo spinosaurus because it looked so detailed like all of the papo figures. Papo is the only company i see these days that takes pride in its work. papo takes a lot of pride in this spinosaurus figure:)

  14. Alex (verified owner)

    Very detailed and life-like and the moving jaw is a nice touch. I’d say that the Papo range is the best I’ve found.

    Excellent service and quick delivery from Everything Dinosaur and the fact sheet they deliver with the dinosaur is great (have bought about 10 dinos from them now). Their prices are also very competitive.

  15. Stevo

    I like this model. Good attention to detail love the scale work and i also think im going to buy another to keep her company. Great work Papo…

  16. gennaro (verified owner)

    Saw the Spinosaur first time in a shop in Paris and it was love at first sight! Alas it was too expensive there, I new I would find it cheaper on the internet. Everything Dinosaur sorted the problem, friendly and fast service, you will be surprised by the professionality of a family run business

  17. Alex (verified owner)

    Amazing model and realism from Papo. The details and the paint job are museum quality. I still can’t belive you can get something like this at this price. I’ve seen custom made resin models selling for as high as 500$ or more. The service was amazing. I ordered it from the other side of Europe and it came in just 6 days. Good job guys!

  18. dinocleb

    Best spinosaurus model ever. My favourite dinosaur.

  19. Nonny

    My long-suffering other half got me this for Christmas – lovely surprise! Like all Papo models the emphasis is on detail and this is beautifully realised with excellent skin textures and detail, and an amazing attention to detail in the mouth! The only problem I have with this model is that in my case, the limbs were not well attached so the seams are very evident and it has warped slightly, tipped forwards and no longer stands on its own, and also, the paintwork seems dull, unimaginative and unfinished compared to other models in the range – the whole body is a fairly homogeneous beige colour with only very subtle grey tones thrown in and some very vague colour detail on the spine. Which gives the model a very alligator-like appearance! But overall, the detail and the quality of the sculpture are amazing and lifelike, and leagues ahead of all rivals.

  20. Clare

    Great products you have made my nephew’s birthday really special.

  21. Matthew (verified owner)

    This model is the most accurate and up to date of any Spinosaurus figure out there. The figure itself is fairley large (to large I can’t even put it with some of my figures on my TV stand in my room!) This model is also based heavily off the one from Jurassic Park 3, the same with most of the models from Papo, but its a superb model, and definetly belongs in anyones collection. This guy lives on my DVD shelf in the front room, gurading my films from intruders. I even named him Stewie, one of my favourite characters from Family Guy! The thing I like best about this model is the moveable jaw. The same feature is in the T-Rex, Velociraptor and Allosaurus models, and this feature gives it a very life-like apperance.

  22. Lucy

    My son was very happy with his model dinosaur and he loves it. The customer service is of a high standard. Very happy – will definitely be using you again. Thank you.

  23. Camilla

    Great service, thank you very much. My son loves his dinosaur model.

  24. Steve (verified owner)

    I bought another, similarly sized, Spinosaurus a few weeks back from a shop for a about £4. It was OK, even made sounds, but this one totally kicks butt.

    The level of detail is outstanding and in reviewing it I find it hard to be critical of anything. I suppose if you look really carefully and close up you might just make out one of the join lines. Perhaps the sail would have been better a different colour – who knows such details are just guess work. One of the feet isn’t flat to the ground but it doesn’t matter as it stands up fine by itself. In fact I like the pose of this dinosaur and like the fact its made well enough not need the tail on the floor to hold it up.

    The opening mouth is a really nice touch. In the closed position the animal looks inquisitive. Fully open it’s aggressive and the high level of detail extends to inside. Both the tongue and even the roof of the mouth are finely detailed. The teeth too are particularly well made.

    One thing you might not notice from the photo is that the head is turned to almost 90 degrees from the body.

    Ordered on a Sunday, arrived on Wednesday.

    All in all a very fine beast that exceeded my expectations.

  25. Amanda

    I have passed the word about you to my friends, very helpful staff. We all feel deprived that you were not around when we were kids.

  26. Sasha

    I was very pleased, price very competitive, delivery prompt, would definitely use you again and recommend you.

  27. Chris

    I have the Papo Spinosaurus and it really is a wonderful model. The detail is amazing and the moveable jaw just adds a wonderful touch of realism. If you (or your kids) like Jurassic Park 3 this is about as close as you can get to a model of the Spino from that film. My son loves it.

    This is a must have for any collector.

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