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Dacentrurus 1:40 Scale Dinosaur Model


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A fantastic model of this Stegosaur called Dacentrurus, comes complete with a human figure for scale. A super model of Dacentrurus.

3 in stock

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A super, hand-painited model of the European Stegosaur called Dacentrurus. A dinosaur with spikes running down its back. A super model Dacentrurus.

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Da-sen-troo-rus (Very Pointy Tail)


Length 22 cm, Height 17 cm

3 reviews for Dacentrurus 1:40 Scale Dinosaur Model

  1. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    An older model from CollectA, but well worth the shelf space. I regret not buying it ages ago. The pose is dynamic and very unusual for a stegosaur. It works well when positioned against a tree from which it is peacefully feeding. Or you can imagine it rearing up to smash down with all its weight on a predator that it has just speared with its tail spikes and swept off its feet! It’s nicely painted and I particularly like the flash of red under his chin. Also good to have a different stegosaur available in addition to the all pervasive (and much loved) Stegosaurus. I like having the opportunity to acquire a representation of the first named stegosaur (as Omosaurus by Owen in 1875).

  2. James Hay (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic model from CollectA. Looks great next to all my other dinos on the shelf

  3. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    A very pleasing model in an excellent pose. Very nicely detailed and imaginatively painted overall, and of a good enough quality to appeal to both older and younger collectors!

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