CollectA 1:20 Deluxe Uintatherium

CollectA 1:20 Deluxe Uintatherium


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A CollectA 1:20 scale Uintatherium model. A fantastic model of the huge, horned prehistoric mammal called Uintatherium by CollectA.

8 in stock


A CollectA Deluxe 1:20 Uintatherium model. A wonderful, hand-painted replica of the giant prehistoric mammal called Uintatherium by CollectA. A CollectA Deluxe Uintatherium.

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1 review for CollectA 1:20 Deluxe Uintatherium


    A very good figure. I thought it would be a bit bigger.Its about the same size as the Arsinoitherium toy. In real life they were the same size.So fair enough.Uinatatherium is a grower.Hes not the best looking guy around having a face only a mother could love. But I like the guy. I like the fact that collect A are doing not very known prehistoric mammals. I hope they keep this line going.They seem to be making a lot of hefty herbivores at the moment which is fine.However i would like to see a bulldog bear, giant sloth,Elasmotherium,Diroptodon,Doedicurus,Elephant bird,Gigantophicus and a Inostrancevia all deluxe as well.

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