Collecta Deluxe 1:40 Scale Jobaria Model

Collecta Deluxe 1:40 Scale Jobaria Model


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A hand-painted 1:40 scale model Jobaria. A Collecta Jobaria dinosaur model.

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A hand-painted, scale model of the Collecta Jobaria. A huge long-necked dinosaur replica complete with Everything Dinosaur fact sheet and human model for scale.

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Weight 775 g

Length 23 cm, Height 29 cm




joe-baa-ree-ah ("Jobar" legendary beast)

3 reviews for Collecta Deluxe 1:40 Scale Jobaria Model

  1. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    Released in 2010, this is an older CollectA model but it remains an excellent representation of Jobaria. It’s a large, solid and very high-quality figure. It stands with great stability . There’s a lot of detailed work gone into it: lots of varied scales to give skin texture, nice folds to suggest how its body moves as it rears up; very neat and clean painting of the tiny teeth with no bleeding; a nicely realistic tiny eye. The deep russet stripe down the centre of its back, from neck to tail tip, ornamented with darker splodges, adds interest to the otherwise subdued but very credible (and well applied) colour scheme. It might be subdued but it’s far from boring. Paul Sereno, the palaeontologist who discovered this sauropod on an expedition to Niger in 1997, thought it would have been able to rear up on its hind legs, so the dramatic pose is evidence based. I like it when toy companies make models of more obscure dinosaurs and this is the only Jobaria I’ve come across. I also like it when models are made based on very completely known animals: Jobaria is an exceptionally well-known sauropod. It’s not quite perfect: the underside of the front feet aren’t correct. But that doesn’t detract from a very good model indeed. I’m looking forward to standing it against a model tree!

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    We like Jobaria. The model’s pose really sets it apart and helps make it much more dynamic. It also gives a good talking point about diet and in later years we can talk about joint/pelvis structure so it is a great tool for introducing topics. It is also a good link between the Schliech Apatosaurus so my son and I can talk about different and similar ‘designs’.

  3. Helen

    This model is actually very tall because it’s standing up, and it’s surprisingly stable too. Many plastic toys fall over but this one doesn’t. A very convincing model, send out quickly, with excellent customer service.

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