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CollectA T. rex Hunting Dinosaur Model


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A model of a feathered Tyrannosaurus rex hunting by CollectA. A CollectA prehistoric life hunting T. rex dinosaur model.

5 in stock

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A hand-painted model of a feathered T. rex. A CollectA T. rex Hunting Dinosaur Model. A beautiful CollectA hunting T. rex dinosaur model.

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tie-ran-oh-sore-us (tyrant lizard king)


Length 21 cm approx. Height of head 9 cm approx.

3 reviews for CollectA T. rex Hunting Dinosaur Model

  1. Shanice De Bie (verified owner)

    I was quite surprised when holding this figurine, for some reason the texture is quite different from another smaller model of the same brand I got, it was a whole lot different. But this doesn’t mean bad, the figurine is lovely, and I enjoy these smaller figurines that still have so much detail <3 A must have for me

  2. William

    Everythingdinosaur has no equal globally when it comes to all things prehistoric.Mike & Sue are finest sales team it has been my pleasure to speak to nothing is too much trouble for them to do for you and all requests answered.Finest,Fasted delivery service in the country with package parexcellent
    I’ll scored Everythingdinosaur a score of 65,000000 .

  3. Rhiannon

    It is obvious that the sculptor of this model spent a lot of time looking at the anatomy of T. rex because the proportions are very good. There’s also a great sense of movement in the pose, and plenty of fine detail for such a dainty figure. Powerful musculature is evident beneath the dense, fibrous coat and the skin texture on the legs is excellent. The colour scheme is bold and certainly eye-catching, if not entirely convincing. Anatomical niggles include the overly-emphasised skull details, the overly-slender ankles and CollectA’s peculiar habit of sculpting their theropods right up on their tippy-toes, as well as the ever unconvincing arm feathers. The base does it’s job. But overall, this little figure is very appealing and a bargain at this price. A must for fans of T. rex!

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