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A CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Torvosaurus dinosaur model, a fantastic model of a big, meat-eating dinosaur, a CollectA Torvosaurus dinosaur model.  A CollectA Torvosaurus complete with an articulated lower jaw.

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A superb 1:40 scale CollectA Deluxe Torvosaurus dinosaur model. A model of one of Europe’s biggest carnivorous dinosaurs, a CollectA Torvosaurus model in 1:40 scale.  The CollectA Torvosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated lower jaw.

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Weight 192 g



Tor-voe-sore-us (Savage Lizard)


Length 24 cm approx. Height of head 11 cm approx.

2 reviews for CollectA Deluxe Torvosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. William Shields (verified owner)

    Collecta’s Torvosaurus gurneyi.
    Is a world first in the model world of Portugal and Europe’s s premier super theropod.

    Released in 2016 in their 1/40 scale Deluxe collection just two years after first being named and descripted to the world.

    The head sculpt is top notch just what we want from our Megalosauridae models.

    Nice dark eyes typical that just sets off the head and great ear opening and nice teeth and mouth sculpt.

    Great body length and neck held in a natural position.

    I really like the tail even tho a tad long but nothing to detract from this great sculpt.

    Strong arms and great powerful set of hands and claws just right in the living animal to hold down prey of fight a rival.

    A fine set of legs that gives the aspect of fleet footed beast of prey and with claws to climb upon what ever it wished dine upon.
    A fine little detail is the dew claws.

    A nice touch is the spinal spikes it is these touches that set off the figure.

    Collecta decided upon and light green with dark stripes a colour combo that looks natural for a big animal that would have been at times an ambush predator waiting hidden a long the ancient game trails of Portugal.

    Collecta’s Torvosaurus gurneyi is must for all be it the European Dino collectors or Megalosauridae Fans a great addition to any serious collection.

    May I take moment to thank Sue & Mike and the entire team at Every Thing Dinosaur on behalf of all that know this Greatest of Great companies for all they have done for the entire community during these testing times.

    A Small bio of James Gurney’s Savage Lizard.

    From the Late Jurassic Kimmeridgian/ Tithonian stage a time period of 153-148 million years ago.

    2000 the first fossil remains where first discovered and offical named and descrpted in 2014.
    An named in honour of the great American artist James Gurney by
    Matthew Carrano.

    A 33 feet 4-5 ton Megalosauridae the pinnicale of the Apex Super Predator of the period a beast that would have given the Allosaurs/Ceratosaurs that shared the landscape a cause to go with great caution or else become prey.

    We need more accurate Megalosauridae models like this an in particular our First Dinosaur every to bear the name Terrible Lizard the Megalosaurus bucklandi.
    Four years till the 200th Annivesary right Time to step up and release a best of the best Megalosaurus Collecta.

  2. Paleo Paul

    Just great that CollectA have produced an accurate model of this Megalsaurid. The model captures the dynamic profile with panache, and in particular the head and snout region are beautifully replicated. Just love the black and red banding over the nose and how the teeth have been depicted. The base in nicely done also and gives great scope for developing into a diorama. Truly an exciting model. I think i may just buy another one. Treat yourself to this if you can. Excellent!

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