CollectA Deluxe 1:20 Scale Elasmotherium

CollectA Deluxe 1:20 Scale Elasmotherium


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A CollectA Deluxe Elasmotherium model. A fantastic model of Elasmotherium by CollectA.

1 in stock


A wonderful CollectA Deluxe Elasmotherium model. A CollectA Elasmotherium model, a fantastic model of an Elasmotherium by CollectA.  A CollectA 1:20 scale Elasmotherium.

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2 reviews for CollectA Deluxe 1:20 Scale Elasmotherium

  1. Zachary li


  2. Ed Champion (verified owner)

    What a model.Quite possibly the best prehistoric mammal collecta have done so far.The description of the Elasmotherium says its hefty and it certainly is. It dwarfs the megacerops model and it is larger than the deinotherium one to. Well done for collecta for not doing the woolly rhino and doing something different. Please keep doing this with the mammals.To be honest it would impossible to raise the bar any higher for next year because of this model.Even though it will interesting to see what they do.The detail of the hair, horn and eyes on the model is realistic and it looks like it is in mid gallop.I have got it next to the mammoth and the pair compliment each other well. I could imagine it shaking snow off its back and shoulders and snorting air through its nose.The service from everything dinosaur was top notch as usual.

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