Cambrian Life Toob (Tube)


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A tube of ancient, prehistoric creatures from the Cambrian explosion. Eight super models representing the bizarre life forms of the Cambrian geological period.

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A tube of Cambrian life forms from Safari Ltd. A Safari Ltd Cambrian Life Toob, a set of eight models of prehistoric creatures from the Cambrian. Models include the predatory Anomalocaris, the strange worm-like creature Ottoia, Charniodiscus, examples of Arthropods such as Sanctacaris, Sidneyia, Naraoia, a Trilobite (Tricrepicephalus) and Vauxia ( a sponge).

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Weight 140 g

Eight Models measuring 6 cm to 9 cm approx.




Cambrian Life Toob

2 reviews for Cambrian Life Toob (Tube)

  1. Jake a rex

    A great set of cambrian animals, I like the anomalocaris

  2. kcaj

    I have just received this TOOB, it is FANTASTIC!! All need some paint work but they are great repros!!

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