Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex

///Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex

Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex


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A beautifully designed Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex replica. A limited edition figure of T. rex by Kaiyodo with ten points of articulation (SOFUBITOYBOX018A TYRANNOSAURUS REX).

89 in stock


The Kaiyodo articulated Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur figure (SOFUBITOYBOX018A TYRANNOSAURUS REX). An amazing Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex model with ten points of articulation, part of the Kaiyodo dinosaurs collection, a Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus.

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Points of Articulation

Articulated parts – neck, upper jaw, forelimbs, ankles, base of the tail and end of the tail (ten points of articulation).

1 review for Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex

  1. carlandhelen51 (verified owner)

    I have the striped and smoke green Tyrannosaurus at the moment. It`s a refreshing change to have a highly detailed non-movie version for once. This looks like what i imagined a real T-Rex would look like. I was a bit unsure whether the joint gaps would detract from the figure from looking at some of the online pics, but in the flesh to my delight they are hardly visible from a few feet away. The joints are nice and tight and with a bit of careful leg positioning the can be stood in a very realistic way. The skin detail is extremely good and the colour schemes are fantastic. If i had to choose my favourite i think it would be the sandy/striped version, probably because it`s so unusual. Both are painted beautifully. In my opinion along with the feathered Safari Tyrannosaur, these are the definitive T-Rex`s by far to date, and i would get one whilst you can.

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