Schleich Spinosaurus (2019)

Schleich Spinosaurus (2019)


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A Schleich Spinosaurus dinosaur model. A fantastic Schleich Spinosaurus complete with an articulated jaw. The Schleich Spinosaurus model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Spinosaurus fact sheet.

5 in stock

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A beautiful model of the fearsome Spinosaurus by Schleich. A Schleich Spinosaurus (2019) dinosaur model complete with an articulated lower jaw.

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  1. Ayla Jchisholm

    Good figure, but the paint wares off easily.
    The figure arrived in perfect shape. But because the tail, legs, and arms all are touching the ground, the paint wares off quickly on them after some sliding on a shelf or even just staying in place for a while. One of the legs also started to bend. I’ll be placing it in storage till I get a different replacement spino. Overall, great sculpt (might even be one of the best for this brand), but the paint wares off very easily.

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