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Replica Megalosaurus Dinosaur Tooth


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A museum quality replica of a Megalosaurus Tooth. A detailed replica cast of a real dinosaur tooth from the collection at the Natural History Museum – London.

A superb quality cast of the tooth of a meat-eating dinosaur.

5 in stock

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Cast from the Natural History Museum Collection in London a museum quality replica of a Megalosaurus Tooth. A copy of one of the teeth from the first dinosaur ever named and described.

Comes complete with fact sheet on Megalosaurus written by the experts at Everything Dinosaur.

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Weight 30 g

Length 6 cm




meg-ah-LOH-sore-us (great lizard)

2 reviews for Replica Megalosaurus Dinosaur Tooth

  1. Anna

    Item was reserved for me, posted out very quickly and I received excellent info when I initially telephoned to enquire about this product – very good thanks.

  2. funky_obali (verified owner)

    A nicely done replica -the cracks add a touch of realism- at a low price.
    Would look good on a display stand and even better with the entire collection.

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