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PNSO Essien The Spinosaurus. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

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A PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus. A fantastic model of Spinosaurus by PNSO. The PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus dinosaur model complete with an articulated jaw.

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4 reviews for PNSO Essien The Spinosaurus

  1. Randeep (verified owner)

    The definitive Spinosaurus (until the next big discovery where it’s revealed to have had wings). Excellent service, as well. 10/10

  2. William Shields (verified owner)

    2020 PNSO Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
    (ESSIEN) Version 2.

    Lets begin my review of a figure that

    Head sculpt:
    Fully articulated jaw a perfect blend within the skull ending in the classical Spinosauridae notched upper rostrum which aids with holding upon slippery prey items.
    Essien’s teeth are carefully reproduced from the fossil specimen slender an crocodile like teeth.

    Eyes correctly are situated high on the skull as are the nostrils to aid breathing while hunting with his rostrum dipped under the surface.
    An the elongated creast creast finishes off the head sculpt.

    Pnso have given Essien some very finely detailed an varied skin scaling an by adding a crocodilian like dewlapped pouch. One could see a female Spinosaurus transporting her wriggling brood down to a safe nursery stream.
    All set upon a powerful muscular thick curved neck.
    Only the slightest hinting of srink-wrap at the orbit of the eye.

    Limbs & Arms:
    Hind limbs are on the money with correct toe placement and webbing between the toes.
    Strong powerful forearms with three long claws on each forehand these aid witb his standing.
    The right forehand is set in a knuckle walking pose but looks very natural.

    Main Torso:
    Essien has the signature body plan of which denotes the pinnical of Spinosauridae evolution.
    Which is held in a more horizontally pose which is legacy from their ancient Megalosaurusidae ancestors. Cloaca carefully reproduce with correct placement.
    The finest model on the market an one that will be rather hard to beat.

    Sail: Which been one of the greatest head scratchers in the Dinosaur world since 1912 what purpose is it
    #.1 Heat dissipation.
    #.2 Sexual/Health/Status.
    #.3 Warning Display.
    #.4 Helps with Propulsion combined with paddle tail.
    Who really knows if we’ll truelly ever glean the true nature of the sail.
    Essien is sporting the newly reconstructed incarnation.
    Curving upwards into a rounded peak which then dipping concavely then back upwards into a sharpen peak then runs straight down the back of the spin.Then along the entire tail muscle a small horizontal spin aids the muscular paddle tail.
    Essien has been give beautiful finely detail vertebra/rib an in each section of the sail vertabra is covered in larger thick scales and smaller ones in the skin between them.
    All anchored at the base of the sail with robust scute like scales.
    One feature not found in any other model is if you hold him up to sun light his sail becomes translucent.

    Tail: The newly updated and described paddle tail a supremely muscular and beefed up tail 10/10 PNSO for all round scientific accuracy.
    One can imagine the living animal being propelled threw the water at a great pace. Best of the cuff description would be just a Ball of Pure muscular Trust.

    Posed in a position as tho he has seen a rival an about bellow a challenge.

    Colouration & Skin Texture:
    Main base colours of the entire body are of a rich yellow & red ochres with dark brown ochre striping from the back of the neck to the end of tail.
    Just sets the whole figure off.
    The white teeth set within a pink pallet an tongue with nasel ridge, an great finishing touch has natural wet look.
    A fantastic wide maw when the jaw opens , but then this is a PNSO figure.

    The head creast’s dash of red is spot on an draws the eye towards head.
    Gold pupils with black irises finish of the colour scheme.

    The wealth and variation of size an texture are a marvel to feel and touch not one millimetre is missed out the variation and size of scales, wrinkle an folds are just amazing.

    We Your Customers/Friends wish to thank you all for being a Company Owned & Run by folks who we hold in the highest regard.

    Thank you for being Our Friends and thank you for being EVERYTHING DINOSAUR Be Safe & Well Friends.

    If you need accurate models to aid with school project diorama or information packs to aid with learning of the Wee Future Paleontologists all you have to do is contact the team at
    EVERYTHING DINOSAUR for prompt advice and assistance.

    Remember PNSO is not finished with their new 2021 release so many treasures are yet to come an so pre-order them with Mike & Sue.

    OH An if PNSO reads this how about giving us a top of the line Baryonyx please .

  3. William Noad (verified owner)

    Just got this figure and i love it! It’s one of the most up to date models of spinosaurus I’ve seen. If you love spinosaurus then you will love this figure.

  4. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    A beautiful model from PNSO, with an extraordinary level of detail. It’s right up-to-date and takes account of the latest fossil evidence for its deep broad tail. Its price is reflected in the luxury feel of the model. It has a well executed articulated jaw and a complex, very beautiful paint scheme that has been expertly carried out at the factory. Its teeth are individually sculpted, not done as a single mass, and each is carefully painted, with no run-off onto the jaw. Beautiful packaging too and a nice printed sheet (as well as Everything Dinosaur’s own fact sheet). I have acquired quite a few Spinosaurus models over the years and this ranks as one of my favourites. Highly recommended. Excellent service as well from Everything Dinosaur.

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