PNSO Chuanzi the Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Model


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PNSO Chuanzi the Tarbosaurus Dinosaur. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

32 in stock

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A PNSO Chuanzi the Tarbosaurus dinosaur model. A fantastic model of a Tarbosaurus by PNSO. The Chuanzi the Tarbosaurus dinosaur model complete with an articulated jaw and a transparent stand.

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4 reviews for PNSO Chuanzi the Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Greg, Durham (verified owner)

    One of my favourite dinosaurs and very happy to have a decent model of T bataar to enjoy. Modelling and paint colour scheme are very impressive and a nice weight too.. Another great addition to my theropod collection.

  2. s.a.w (verified owner)

    A very beautiful model with a really great, lifelike coloring.
    All details are shown very accurately.
    The pose of the animal also looks very natural as If Tarbosaurus striding though his habitat, looking for a Prey.
    The massive body and the anatomic correct short arms makes an impressive Look.
    But in real ist dont looks so fat as in the Photos.
    A must have for all theropod lovers.
    Another great 1:35 scale model from PNSO

  3. Sayan Tikadar (verified owner)

    An excellent model of the Tyrannosaur family and close relative of North American Tyrannosaurus rex, this figure is a big improvement over the Wilson model. The finer scales and realistic skin texture make this the best model of the species available in the market. Just looks like a miniature museum replica. The scientific accuracy of the figure is very much updated with clear anatomical difference with the T.rex and the bulky stature and gait gives it a very aesthetic look and majestic feel. The figure does look much beautiful in hand than in any picture I have seen. I recommend it to any Dinosaur enthusiast with love for scientifically accurate models.
    Everything Dinosaur delivered it well packed and super fast from UK to India and in excellent condition. They are now my go to for buying dinosaur figures .

  4. William Shields (verified owner)

    PNSO 2021 Tarbosaurus bataar “Chuanzi”.
    1/32~1/38 Scale Model.
    Length: 12 inches.
    Height: 3.5 inches.
    Box: Standard white PNSO issue with the acrylic stand and a beautiful booklet.
    “Chuanzi” is the only Tarbosaurus out there that isn’t just a standard T. rex renamed. Regarding purchasing him I never even thought twice about buying the “Incredible Bulk” he’s more then great he’s AWESOME. If you miss out on him you know you’ll regret it later so strengthen your shelves and own him.

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